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St Peter's to St Paul's 2012
This is the map of our trip. The red lines show our journey so far, and the dotted lines show our future route. Move your mouse over a larger dot and you can see the name of the stop and date of our arrival. Click a place on the right to change your view. You can see all our stops under the map. World  Africa  Asia  Australasia  C.America  Caribbean  Europe  India  N.America  S.America  S.East Asia  United Kingdom 

95 Stops
1st Sep 2012    Sydney Australia
25th Aug 2012    Penzance United Kingdom
24th Aug 2012    Manchester United Kingdom
18th Aug 2012    Oban United Kingdom
9th Aug 2012    Edinburgh United Kingdom
6th Aug 2012    London United Kingdom
5th Aug 2012    Brentwood United Kingdom
4th Aug 2012    Braintree United Kingdom
3rd Aug 2012    Harwich United Kingdom
2nd Aug 2012    Rotterdam Netherlands
1st Aug 2012    Roosendaal Netherlands
30th Jul 2012    Antwerpen Belgium
28th Jul 2012    Gent Belgium
25th Jul 2012    Brugge Belgium
23rd Jul 2012    Ieper Belgium
19th Jul 2012    Lille France
17th Jul 2012    Arras France
15th Jul 2012    Amiens France
14th Jul 2012    Beauvais France
13th Jul 2012    Mantes-la-Jolie France
11th Jul 2012    Chartres France
10th Jul 2012    Châteaudun France
9th Jul 2012    Saint-Calais France
8th Jul 2012    Le Lude France
6th Jul 2012    Saumur France
5th Jul 2012    Chinon France
4th Jul 2012    Azay-le-Rideau France
3rd Jul 2012    Loches France
2nd Jul 2012    Amboise France
29th Jun 2012    Blois France
28th Jun 2012    Chaumont-sur-Tharonne France
27th Jun 2012    Briare France
26th Jun 2012    Auxerre France
25th Jun 2012    noyers France
23rd Jun 2012    Vézelay France
22nd Jun 2012    Château-Chinon France
21st Jun 2012    Autun France
20th Jun 2012    Beaune France
19th Jun 2012    Chalon-sur-Saône France
18th Jun 2012    Mâcon France
6th Jun 2012    Lyon France
5th Jun 2012    Lausanne Switzerland
22nd May 2012    Lyon France
21st May 2012    Vienne France
20th May 2012    Tournon-sur-Rhône France
19th May 2012    Loriol-sur-Drôme France
18th May 2012    Puygiron France
17th May 2012    Vaison-la-Romaine France
14th May 2012    Aurel France
13th May 2012    Gordes France
12th May 2012    Cavaillon France
11th May 2012    Apt France
10th May 2012    Aix-en-Provence France
9th May 2012    Bordeaux France
7th May 2012    San Sebastián Spain
5th May 2012    Bilbao Spain
1st May 2012    Madrid Spain
28th Apr 2012    Barcelona Spain
25th Apr 2012    Aix-en-Provence France
24th Apr 2012    Manosque France
23rd Apr 2012    Moustiers-Sainte-Marie France
22nd Apr 2012    Comps-sur-Artuby France
21st Apr 2012    Flayosc France
20th Apr 2012    Saint-Raphaël France
17th Apr 2012    Beaulieu-sur-Mer France
15th Apr 2012    Sanremo Italy
14th Apr 2012    Albenga Italy
13th Apr 2012    Ormea Italy
12th Apr 2012    Mondovì Italy
9th Apr 2012    Bra Italy
8th Apr 2012    Asti Italy
7th Apr 2012    Alessandria Italy
6th Apr 2012    Pavia Italy
5th Apr 2012    Cremona Italy
4th Apr 2012    Colorno Italy
2nd Apr 2012    Mantua Italy
1st Apr 2012    Modena Italy
30th Mar 2012    Bologna Italy
28th Mar 2012    Ravenna Italy
27th Mar 2012    Rimini Italy
26th Mar 2012    Pesaro Italy
25th Mar 2012    Urbino Italy
24th Mar 2012    Gubbio Italy
23rd Mar 2012    Umbertide Italy
21st Mar 2012    Montepulciano Italy
20th Mar 2012    Montalcino Italy
20th Mar 2012    Castel del Piano Italy
20th Mar 2012    Proceno Italy
16th Mar 2012    Orvieto Italy
15th Mar 2012    Viterbo Italy
14th Mar 2012    Tarquinia Italy
13th Mar 2012    Ladispoli Italy
11th Mar 2012    Rome Italy
11th Mar 2012    Singapore Singapore
11th Oct 2000    Newtown Australia