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St Peter's to St Paul's 2012
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Declan (30th Aug 2012)
Letting us down gently
You are so kind to be weening us so gradually. Thought the updates had stopped when you drew a line at St Paul's, but no, you've given us weeklies since. Delighted to learn of the existence of St Michael's Mount, and then of its roots back to Le Mont St Michel. I must say it can scarcely hold a candle to its Normandy namesake, which is one of the most riveting monuments in the world, and wonderful to approach slowly on a bicycle.

You have timed your return superbly: the euros (incl Brits) still count on three weeks of summer, while here you will be hitting the first day of spring.

Look forward to discussing your 'next stage'.

Bon voyage
Lisa (29th Aug 2012)
Fathers day
We are nearly crossing paths in the sky! I fly Singapore airlines leaving Singapore on Thursday evening. Just one day in front of you.

Let us know if you fancy a coffee or lunch on Sunday for Fathers Day. We can play it by ear and see how you are feeling with the jet lag.

Looking forward to having you home!!
Lynne (28th Aug 2012)
Home to your own bed
We did ride from Penzance to Lands End to St Ives - the mist was so thick we could not see the other side of the road to know how narrow they were!! We did get a sort of sun in St Ive's and yes it was v hilly.
Looking forward to seeing you at Sepia next week!!!
What an adventure - well done!!
Anna (27th Aug 2012)
My other fav area
Cornwall too! So glorious! I guess U R awa' hame noo! Travel safe.
Anna (20th Aug 2012)
THIS is what I've been waiting for! Super to get the update. I know exactly where U R/have been staying in Oban. Can't believe that it looks as tho' the scaffolding is finally off the Abbey in Iona. So looking foward to that coffee & catch-up in Tilley's! Safe travel home.
Lynne (10th Aug 2012)
C'est fini
Always a researcher Peter. Life at home is going to be a little more mundane without the European shot each day. Well done guys!
Some would say 4502 is just a touch obsssevive
Gary and Ray (8th Aug 2012)
I never had any doubt in my mind that you wouldn't make it, but what an amazing accomplishment. St Peter's to St Paul's via every outdoor French food market along the way. And thank you for the blog...always a fun read to catch up on your adventure. Enjoy the vacation from your bikes!

Tim and Themistos (7th Aug 2012)
What an inspiration you both are! Well made it.
We are really looking forward to catching up with you on your return and thanks for the fabulous photos and blogs which we really enjoyed.
Much love, T&T
Tandem team, Canberra (6th Aug 2012)
Synchronised cycling
Not bad at all, 150 days, 4, 500 km. Not to mention the many photos uploaded and the blog words written and the entertainment for your followers for whom you have taken precedence over the morning paper. But as for your plans for Rio Olympics, you will have to get a tandem to be truly synchronised. You have seen plenty of models to choose from, over your months of travel, but we can see you on the double recumbent model, that you saw in France (Mont Ventoux?), the one where one rider faced forwards, the other backwards. So much scope for "doing what you do best" while you ride (not having to wait till end of day); taking in full 360 degree panorama; maybe blogging as you pedal.

Anna (6th Aug 2012)
Very well done!
So very many congratulations!!

What an incredible journey - I can only marvel, not just at your stamina, but the whole process!!

Have a fantastic time in my beloved Scotland, & well-rembered & loved Cornwall.

See you in Tilley's soon!