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10th Oct 2017 - 11th Oct 2017
The American Cathedrals

Unlike on our European holidays, we are now swapping our tourist visits to churches and cathedrals for visits here to universities, museums and libraries - the true humanist cathedrals of free thought in the Land of the Free.

Boston has great ones of course: Harvard, MIT & Tufts; the wonderful Museum of Fine Arts, where we spent most of yesterday out of the rain (including a room full of top Monets all donated by rich benfactors); and the splendid Boston City Library today, with murals by Puvis de Chavannes and the inspiring motto outside: “The Commonwealth requires the education of the people as the safeguard of order and liberty”.

At the more mundane level I am truly sick of seeing Dunkin’ Donuts and Starbucks everywhere! We really have to search hard to find somewhere that has coffee that is properly made and served in a china cup. Geoff refuses to eat and drink out of cardboard and plastic, so this is a bit of a challenge in this take-out culture, but of course there is the best and worst of everything here. (We are enjoying some lovely organic Champlain Triple cheese from Middlebury Vermont and Californian red wine as I write).

We took a harbour cruise this morning and learnt that 75% of downtown Boston is built on reclaimed land, this is the second largest Irish City in the world after Dublin, they were the first city in America to have an underground rail system, and their new sewerage reprocessing plant, designed to clean up the harbour water, cost $3.8 billion!

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Diary Photos

In a grand Boston street these owners are getting ready for Halloween - with a sense of humour.

Some sign of colour change.

Some lovely buildings in Boston.

My shirt on another body.

Fabulous Chihuly glass sculpture in a great art musuem (Boston)

A wonderful comtemporary art installation entitled 'Reflection' included this.

And just as we were leaving a Salsa band had people dancing (Chihuly on the left).

Another nice building as we waited for a tram.

Fun sculpture in a front yard in our street.


Boston skyline

Still working lighthouse at the entry to Boston harbour.

Eggs full of shit, or sludge digesters!

Sewerage plus a boat and plane

A bay in east Boston

This ship is a floating lighthouse off Nantucket

The green bridge is longer than the Golden Gate in SF.

Boston downtown

Boston with boat and cloud

Trinity Episcopal Church

Now a national monument

Lovely stained glass windows in the church

Still a functioning church

Trinity church surrounded by modern Boston

A beautiful oasis within the Boston library

This is a library!

Boston library

And more!

What a place to work and read for those who love books. The library does have a modern addition.

Boston skyscraper

Trump is getting his message out.

Wise words on the side of the library.

What would Trump think?

Not to do what?

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