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12th Oct 2017
A visit to Concord, MA: an intellectual pilgrimage.

Geoff writing today (and some of words in the photos are to reflect upon):

We caught the train to Concord - a mere 32 kms from Boston. Read up on Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry Thoreau, two of my favourite 19th century intellectuals; Emerson because of his writings on friendship and Thoreau for his challenge to live a simple life.

We walked to the cemetry where they are buried, then to Emerson's house, the Concord Museum and finally Walden Pond (strolling completely around the whole pond). I think Thoreau would be pleased that we, unlike most, actually walked (about 16 kms all up through Concord and around the pond).

Walden Pond has a beach at one end and is well used for swimming during the Summer season. Some people were swimming today.

Concord is a very clean, neat and tidy town, with a lot of very large houses. We are interested to see whether this is a New England phenomena.

One day left in Boston and then into the car.

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Diary Photos

First stop: The Thoreau family graves

Henry and pencils! (See later photo)

More pencils, money and an apple (!) for Louisa May Alcott


Again, people leave these weird things: rocks, money and nuts.

A lovely cemetry with Emerson's grave in the background.

It is not only Australians that have rules!

Concord house

Concord house

1700s Concord house

Another 1700s Concord house

Emerson lived here for a very long time.

Another view of Emerson's house

Concord had an intellectual community


Emerson's drawing room

Emerson's bookcase

Why the pencils on Thoreau's grave.

Thoreau simplicity - the actual bed and chair

The Writer

A new self


What a list!!

For my grandson

The ubiquitous yellow 'Thomas' school bus found everywhere in the US.

Modern Concord - very clean well presented town of 17000 people.

At the entrance of Thoreau's (reproduced) cabin

Thoreau's cabin

The first sight of Walden pond

Walden pond as we walk around the edge

Walden pond

Walden pond

Where Thoreau's cabin actually sat near Walden pond.

Thoreau's cabin sight.

A view through the trees near the site of Thoreau's cabin.

Some of the trees are changing colour. But a lot of pines.

As we walked around the edge of Walden pond.

Concord McMansion.

McMansion with pumpkins

Yes, the flag is very common.

A lovely house - one of many in Concord

Trump is doing something about the Catholic church crisis!

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