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Anna S (17th Oct 2017)
Love the fun facts! Lovely vistas!

Still think it is cheaper (& better!) to see autumnal colours, mountains and lakes in Sth. Island NZ!! The mottos, flags etc. are not so scary there either!
Peter (17th Oct 2017)
The von Trapp story
The last of the original children - Maria - died in 2014 aged 99. The lodge is now run by one the the grandchildren of Johannes.
Anna S (17th Oct 2017)
Autumn - at last!
I can see you will have to go to Arrowtown next year for the colours as well. Though it does look pretty good to me! Wow, the von Trapp family certainly had a good view from thir place! Are tha still som members of the family i residence?
Mary (15th Oct 2017)
Nice Pics
Hi P & G - some great pics. Seems you're enjoying your travels. I just returned from Europe. Especially loved Holland. Guess you liked it too. Would love to return there.
Anna S (15th Oct 2017)
Wow! That last photo!
That part of USA is certainly stunning! And it seems so peaceful, unlike much that I have seen emanating from that country!
Anna S (14th Oct 2017)
What a magnificent and idylic B&B! And so close (?) to Smith College (but where were all the under-grads etc.?), but still, that’ll do me! Lovely sculptures, but sorry that you have not got yet got the autumnal colours you were so hoping to see.
Anna S (12th Oct 2017)
Oh right! Got it!

Don’t think I could bear to go to “Face the enemy”! Did it literally “pack a punch”?
Peter (12th Oct 2017)
Wise words
The words on the library were those I quoted in the blog: The Commonwealth requures.....
Anna S (12th Oct 2017)
Fascinating couple of days!
Fascinating and “enlightening”. At least I could read most of these, today; but please tell me what the wise words on the library yesterday were, couldn’t read them! You are certainly not wasting any time! How come you have such energy? Rhetorical question only! Thoreau’s cabin was certainly in a very beautiful place, so right for sitting and thinking!
Ray (8th Oct 2017)
Taxi?! what's that?
Your taxi story exemplifies why everyone uses Uber or Lyft these days. Glad that trip ended well nonetheless.