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2017 Year of Fun
26 Diary Entries
29th Nov 2017Guatemala - watching an active volcano and Tikal Ruins
12th Nov 2017Honduras - Becoming *RESCUE DIVERS*
2nd Nov 2017Nicaragua - hiking, volcano boarding & releasing baby turtles
28th Oct 2017Costa Rica (which we renamed Costa Lot)
18th Oct 2017Panama and its magnificent canal
25th Sep 2017Colombia - Colonial buildings, coffee and cocaine
14th Sep 2017The Amazon Jungle and the Middle of the World
1st Sep 2017The Galapagos - a trip of a lifetime in itself (guest starring Elizabeth Taylor)
24th Aug 2017Cycling La Paz’s Death Road and the race against the clock to get to Ecuador
27th Jul 2017Patagonia - hiking on glaciers, when it rains - it pours, wine tasting and salt flats
11th Jul 2017Argentina fun - From whale watching to the end of the world
7th Jul 2017Hong Kong and Toronto
1st Jul 2017Vietnam part 2
14th Jun 2017Thailand
22nd May 2017Laos
3rd May 2017Cambodia
21st Apr 2017Vietnam part 1
27th Mar 2017China
7th Mar 2017Russia and the Trans-Mongolian
9th Feb 2017Cape Town - Durban
23rd Jan 2017Botswana, Namibia and the end of the tour
16th Jan 2017Zimbabwe
9th Jan 2017Malawi and Zambia
3rd Jan 2017Zanzibar - Swahili for 'The Island of Food Poisoning'
31st Dec 2016Year of fun begins!
28th Dec 2016**Year of Fun trips, tours and companies**

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