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DickersonPoe10 blog
No Photos 19th Sep 2017 - 19th Oct 2017
How To Take Care Of Your Hair

Putting on wigs not only provides you an instant style change, it can also protect nice hair from daily manipulation. However, I really do enjoy using my afro. But, I am married and that is not what my husband married. My wild hair is on my body and blah blah blah. But, that is changing things that seduced my husband to me. That is like my hubby being drawn to large Nicki Minaj like butts and I go get a butt lowering. So, heading from straight peaceful (and detrimental) head of hair to natural was a year long discourse/fight with my hubby. But, he noticed how passionate I had been about heading natural. So, I still need to keep it womanly and attractive all while being natural. Keep your hair and scalp clean! When sweat and dirt build up your hair tangles. An excellent quality shampoo and conditioner would be very useful. Your stylist would tell you what products are best for hair and extensions. Firstly detangle flowing hair from the ends to the root base before washing. Shampoo your hair delicate in a downward movement (from the root base to the ends). Rubbing can make the hair tangle. After you're done extensively rinse your hair. Before you utilize a head of hair conditioner make sure that your scalp is clean. Keep in mind, condition nice hair after every clean. Your extensions don't have the natural oils from your head. Do not apply conditioner at the root area or close to the attachments since it'll loosen the bonds and make your extensions fallout. Dry flowing hair softly, don't rub it with a towel but move around in a downward action from roots to ends. Smoothly detangle flowing hair with a comb. The last thing I'll recommend is wearing a silk scarf to bed (NOT egyptian cotton) and sleeping on satin pillow cases. Both these things are much more gentle on mane than silk cotton which rubs and tugs and causes breakage. Purchase a long (48in) silky scarf to wear over locks wraps, pin curls, rollers, twists or any style that you want to protect during sleep. Now, when it's time to eliminate the hair extensions you can certainly do it in a couple of different ways. The quickest way is always to lower them out, however that would leave with a significant short do. A far more preferable method, probably, would be to let your stylist take them out. If you have synthetic locks, the area that is bonded will be heated up slightly that will loosen the glue's hang on the head of hair. With natural extensions a special solvent is applied to the connection which helps to release the bond. Following that the ball is in your judge. If everything was done properly as well as your natural wild hair and scalp continues to be in good condition, you might choose to acquire new extensions added on a single day. If there is damage to either, it would be advisable to repair the challenge before adding more locks. Bobbi: Rather than paying to color it again, get one of these DIY high light enhancer, which revives color with natural tints. Brunettes should rinse out with 2 cups of cool dark coffee over wet mane in the shower; leave on for ten minutes, then shampoo. If you are a blonde, use 3 cups of cooled chamomile tea throughout wet hair; wait quarter-hour before shampooing. Redheads, add 1 cup of rose hips (from a health-food store) to 2 mugs of boiling drinking water, let cool, then leave on moist hair for 20 minutes before cleaning.

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