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No Photos 5th Jul 2018
Wedges Shoes

LADIES: HERE'S WHY HIGH HEELS INCREASE A WOMAN'S ATTRACTIVENESSWedges AbuzeI will share with you what I think about this subject from a much needed perspective- men, on how Trainers heels and high heels including stilettos all help increase a woman's attractiveness.I'll provide you my justification but do not just take my word for it, science says so also.SO HERE'S THE JUICEA NEW STUDY IN THE JOURNAL, ARCHIVES OF SEXUAL BEHAVIOURConducted by Nicholas Gueguen in the department of social behaviour in the University of Bretagne, introduced three experiments utilizing French women identically dressed in dark suits with straight skirts and white shirts, they were all brunettes. The only differences between the women were their shoes.To begin with, the women--wearing either black flats without a heels, black sneakers with a two inch heels or black pumps using a 3.5 inch heels approached many people and asked them for assistance. The girls switched shoes later soliciting every 10 individuals.When a 19-year-old lady approached guys between ages 25 and 50, requesting their aid with a survey on gender equality, she gained the most answers when she wore the greatest heels--83 percent of the guys she approached consented to pay three to four minutes answering her questions, compared to almost half as many, 47 percent, after she wore flat shoes. Surprised?So women were tested to determine their response, ends up that 33 percent of women on average stated yes to the poll request when approached by another woman, whatever the heel height. Heel height had no effect on women.This analysis was conducted by straight men and women which is very important to notice as results would different across bi's, lesbians etc..Bottom Line:In general women don't see what men see in terms of how heels can increase attractiveness.If you can, when asking for advice on what to wear, it is ideal to ask the gender you are trying to attract as they filter thoughts and attractiveness differently than buddies do.JUICY? A glove falling test where girls dropped gloves intentionally in front of men was conducted. A whopping 93% of men chased after the girls when they wore high heels to return the glove, compared to 62 percent of people who did when she wore shoes.WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOWHigh heels help make your female side. Generally guys love female ladies, not saying weak ladies, but feminine women, there is a difference. I'll get into that in another post ify'all desire but essentially the female allows men to function as inherently what they're with girls, guys. Which doesn't sound surprising does it?Men have a lot of pride that's the reason why they also have large ego's (not all of course) as this protects their manhood so playing with the female role is incredibly fulfilling and simple for men to absolutely adore. (Golden Nugget Info, I might be Hitch rn).Bottom line:Heels display your femininity and it reminds men of your inner fox.OKAY, SO NOW YOU'RE ASKING WHY IS THIS?You seeheels exhibit a female's sexual energy if women are conscious of it or not. The majority of us are obscured by mother nature to attract the opposite sex in order to continue our population on earth, it's something we do and there are even female and male roles in same-sex couples therefore it's no surprise that the study demonstrates that men are more eager to help women who wear high heels than women are in assisting other girls.When I say sexual energy it doesn't mean in a tangible sense though it can be, but it simply means making conversations a little lighter, a little flirtier and creates that much desired appeal that fuels the conversation. And let's be honest, without it it's just too boring. Just keepin' it 100.What I will say is that wearing heels is so underrated and subtle the best way I can describe it is kind of like when men wear suits, the majority of the times guys aren't even aware that women find men so damn hot in a suit and you are thinking to yourself if only men knew how great they looked in a lawsuit and just how much more you wish your partner wore one, happens ALL the time.I am only here lettingy'all women know heels are exactly that for men but men are far less aware of all of these signs and their feelings so that they don't know just what it is making them feel how they do.That is why I made Abuzé, a collection of heels that got me feeling some type of way. You have your classic heels that are timeless and then you have faux snakes skins heels to lace heels up to red heels and rose gold heels. Surprisingly wedges in all colors such as your white wedges, black wedges and even the nude wedges all have the same effect.Let me know if this article was helpful at all and send any topic requests to

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