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No Photos 10th Apr 2016
Hurricane Survival Tips - CBS News

- photo copies of prescriptions- rope - battery operated alarm clock - powdered or single-serve drinks- manual can opener- outdoor extension cords- sun screen (SPF 45 recommended)- waterproof container for document storage - entertainment: books, magazines, card games, etc.- condiments - ABC rated fire extinguisher- plastic drop cloth -Decide now who will be responsible for your water supply. You do not need bottled water from the supermarket. Have containers on hand to hold tap water. - changes of clothing - extra glasses or contacts - formula, food and medication for babies- camera and film - bleach or water purification tablets - maps of - - the area with landmarks- soap, shampoo and detergent - portable battery powered lanterns- cleaning supplies - glass enclosed candles - instant coffee and tea - cereal bars - sterno - first aid kit, including aspirin, antibiotic cream and antacids- ice chest and ice - napkins and paper towels - mosquito repellent - aluminum foil - rain ponchos and work gloves- mosquito netting -Sterilize your containers for drinking water with a little bleach (nonflavored) and water. Slosh it around, rinse the container and fill it from the tap. Do not end up in line for water after a hurricane. - prescriptions (one month supply)-For cooking, supplies include:- canned meats, fruits, vegetables- portable camp stove or grill- money- photo identification - spray paint- proof of residence (utility bills)- oven mitts - toilet - - paper - waterproof matches/butane lighter- medical history - battery powered radio or TV - extra batteries, including hearing aids- bread in moisture-proof packaging' - - - tools: hammer, wrenches, screw drivers, nails, saw-For non-perishable foods, supplies include: - one gallon of water per person per day (half for drinking, half for bathing etc.) Store water in clean, plastic containers such as soft drink bottles or milk jugs. -For equipment, supplies include:- trash bags (lots of them)- toiletries and feminine hygiene products- masking or duct tape -You'll need enough for drinking, bathing and to flush the toilet. The bathtub is a good place to hold nondrinking water. Use caulking to seal the drain. - disposable plates, cups and eating utensils- bedding: pillows, sleeping bags - cookies, candy, dried fruit - flashlight - stove fuel or charcoal and lighter fluid- back up discs of your home computer files- disposable diapers and moist towelettes for babies- canned soups and milk

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