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Anal Sex Fun
No Photos 17th Nov 2011
Bitch GF With Anal Beads

I had this girlfriend who used to walk around all day long with anal beads in her. I never really knew about it until after we had already broken up. When she did finally tell me, she said it was because I was so shitty in bed that she needed something to help her make it through the day. I found that extremely annoying and told her that I was fucking her best friend. I wish it were true, though, as her best friend has the most amazing body I have ever seen and I would have loved to have actually fucked her.
I never really understood the whole thing about anal beads but she said that it made her feel horny as hell all day long, and it was the only way she could actually come home looking forward to sex with me. I asked her what was so bad about me and she said it was that I never spent enough time around her ass. Not being one of those anal type guys, I didn’t see any reason to be back there with her all the time. However, I guess that is what she really wanted and you should always give them what they want.
Maybe if she had mentioned the anal beads to me while we were together I would have done more to satisfy her needs, but all in all, I was just happy that she didn’t say my cock was too small for her. Having a nine inch cock and it being too small for her pussy would have been a blow that I wouldn’t have been able to recover from. I think it would have made me wonder what it was she was shoving up her cunt every day that made it so damn big!
I did find out that she had bought her anal beads when she was with her previous boyfriend as he was evidently pretty shitty in bed also which made me feel just a bit better. It was good to know that there were more people out there than just me that didn’t want to stick their cock in her ass. My girlfriend now isn’t into the anal thing, either, and we seem to have a wonderful sexual relationship. So I guess that is all that matters right now. As for my ex, she can take her beads and go fuck herself. Literally.
I watch anal sex videos for fun now.

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