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Adventures down under
14th Mar 2017
Apollo Bay

Woke up to a much better day, clear sunny skies, but with a definite haze. Got some good tips from our host on what to see, so drove back through the Otway Forest and stopped at Mait's Rest, named after Maitland Bryan, the first forest ranger, who used to rest his horse there. This is a pretty little walk through the forest and fern filled gullies. There is a boardwalk that takes you through the prettiest parts, where there are giant ferns spreading their fronds over your head. The dappled sunlight plays on the boardwalk and lends a beautiful light to the gully; it makes you think of dinosaurs!  Massive trees fill the rest of the forest, some covered in moss and epiphytes, with large person-sized hollows made by their roots. We then drove to Cape Otway, down that road you can expect to see a few koalas- we didn't spot any on the drive down. What we did see was swathes of dead trees, killed by koalas extensively feeding on them. Cape Otway has the first lighthouse in Australia, significantly reducing the number of shipwrecks in the Bass Straits. We climbed to the top (Judi almost made it the whole way, but the steep ladder at the end was too much); it was very windy on the walkway round the top. There was also a secret radar station there at the time of WW2, helping to spot Japanese submarines. The radar station was linked through a telegraph station close by. We had a talk from an aboriginal descent about their customs and culture, but boy could he talk!  We politely left after nearly an hour!  Driving back we saw a few cars parked in the verges and groups of people looking at the tree tops. Of course, it was a koala but it was right at the top of the tree, which was very tall, so we only got a view of its behind!  When we got back to Apollo Bay, there was low cloud shrouding the hills again, and it stretched down to the harbour. 

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Diary Photos

Maits Rest

Cape Otway

Cape Otway Lighthouse

View from drive through Otway Forest

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