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Mary & Peter's USA 2017
No Photos 18th Apr 2017 - 19th Apr 2017
9. McKinney Falls State Park, Austin, Texas

We arrived at McKinney Falls State Park, and at first glance it was super nice ...spent the first day biking and geocaching and exploring the park. We went to the upper and lower falls ... these were a huge hit with thrill seekers and sun worshippers as the younguns would jump off the rocks then suntan on the rocks ... well peter had to impress as well so he jumped off too ... we love exploring and finding these hidden gems.
The landscape at this park was pretty spectacular, especially the falls and the eroded rock it carved through to get to the lake below. We spent the afternoon there and enjoyed an lovely evening at the campsite. Sleeping in the van is getting much easier i.e. that we bought a FAN, it was much needed. Oh! Sidebar... we bought the fan at a Walmart in Baton Rouge, Louisiana... well let's just say there was a permanent cop stationed there... yep bought then fan and skidaddled out of there quickly !!!
The next day we went to the city of Austin, population 900,000. We kicked off our day visiting the state capital building. Our eyes 👀 were greeted with the splendid view if this building made of sunset red Texas granite. You'll see many photos of this in the album attached to this blog. Anyway we signed up for a free tour which we enjoyed tremendously... does that make us geeks?!?! After the tour we had a picinic lunch on the congress lawn before we headed out to 6th street where are the live music 🎶 happens. Next we drove over to Zilker Park where we saw the naturally spring fed Barton Sorings pool... we continued to bike 🚴 down the path zig zagging though a plethora of joggers running near Lady Bird Lake .... wow these Austonioans really take their fitness seriously... very impressive !!! Finally, we biked over to the south Congress bridge where a nightly phenomenon occurs ..... 1.5 million bats 🦇 take to the skies at dusk ... many people lined the top of the bridge and well as gathered below to witness this natural occurrence ...apparently they sleep in between the bridges' expansion joints then come out at dusk .... we waited with anticipation... then it happened ... it wa a sight to see ....but what was very peculiar about it was that all the bats flew out of one area ... hhhhmmm is there an order to this ... pecking order so to speak? Anyway all 1.5 million bats was quite something to see even though it was quite dark 👍
Once again driving in Austin Texas is like driving in the formula one... everyone scooted past you in all directions ... oh well 😔 I just nodded and said nothing !!! Some were downright lawless ... going through a full red ... bold !!!! Finally , we HAD to have some of Gus's world 🌎 famous fried chicken 🍗 it was so scrumptious.
Overall impression of Austin is a positive one even though we find it to be it past paced .. had a big city vibe unlike Savannah had more of a laid back southern hospitality vibe ... we enjoying visiting so many new cities and national and state parks ...we also enjoying the in between stuff such as Ms Bedroll giant squirrel on the side of the Highway and her pecan pie vending machine ... wow now I've seen it all!!!!
Love ❤️ always

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