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asthma facts
No Photos 24th Jun 2011
Living With Asthma: I Really Want to Breathe Again

Here are some asthma facts for you. Did you know that there are more than 200 million asthma sufferers in the world? Did you also know that this disease can kill you if not treated well? It has claimed many lives in many poor countries that have poor access to healthcare. But despite the scary statistics, people living with asthma relatively live normal and happy lives. Because the only fact that you really need to know that it is treatable and preventable.

asthma facts - In a nutshell, asthma is a disease of the air passages. It occurs when a trigger enters the body causing a very strong reaction leading to difficulty of breathing and the characteristic wheezing. There is no exact cause for this disease but many medical experts speculate that genetics and the environment could predispose one to asthma. But most often than not, asthma attacks are triggered by pollen, animal dander dust and even emotional stress and exercise.

As mentioned before, asthma is treatable. Drugs are the frontline mode of cure for it most specifically inhalers. An inhaler sprays medicine into the congested air passages causing an easing of the inflammation leading to better breathing. Another is the use of a nebulizer where in it turns the medicine into fine mist and the patient just simply inhales it and causing the re-opening of the airway. Medication is very important in treating asthma but lifestyle changes and vigilance is also important in the prevention of an asthma attack.

Asthma is not only treatable but also preventable. Asthma prevention can be classified into two namely, environmental changes and lifestyle changes. First preventive measure is modifying the environment namely by avoiding allergens that cause the attack. Always have a clean surrounding be it at home or at the workplace. Then think of buying a standalone air purifier to help clean the air. This nifty device is also beneficial at night when you are sleeping.

Changing certain things in the environment is only the first part, next thing to do is change and/or adopt some lifestyle habits. Some good asthma tips for this is to avoid smoking and second-hand smoke and also alcohol. Another is doing regular moderate exercise to help strengthen your lungs but work with your doctor to find the right exercises for you. With good exercise, practice good nutrition at the same time avoiding foods that can cause an allergic reaction. Weight control is very important for an asthmatic because excess weight can worsen asthma symptoms. Most importantly, find time for you to relax and don’t get to riled up with our emotions.

Asthma should not be a hindrance in your life. It may cause problems but knowing what to do can help you in preventing an asthma attack. It’s all about attitude, vigilance and knowledge.

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