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B1 Adventures
Rail Trip 2017 - 35 Diary Entries
2nd Aug 2017Day 36 Singapore
1st Aug 2017Day 35 London to Singapore
30th Jul 2017Day 33 Last Day in London!
29th Jul 2017Day 32 Visiting two of the must visit places in London!!
28th Jul 2017Day 31 Back in London
27th Jul 2017Day 30 Zürich back to London
26th Jul 2017Day 29 Birthday in Lucerne
25th Jul 2017Day 28 Second day in Zurich
24th Jul 2017Day 27 Zurich
23rd Jul 2017Day 26 Zermatt to Zurich
22nd Jul 2017Day 25 Zermatt- The Matterhorn
21st Jul 2017Day 24 St Moritz to Zermatt
20th Jul 2017Day 23 Day trip on Bernia Express
19th Jul 2017Day 22 St Moritz
18th Jul 2017Day 21 Innsbruck to St Moritz
17th Jul 2017Day 20 Last Day in Innsbruck
16th Jul 2017Day 19 Innsbruck
15th Jul 2017Day 18 Lake Bled to Innsbruck
14th Jul 2017Day 17 Day Trip to Ljubljana
13th Jul 2017Day 16 Lake Bled
12th Jul 2017Day 15 Heidelberg to Lake Bled
11th Jul 2017Day 14 Cologne to Heidelberg
10th Jul 2017Day 13 Copenhagen to Cologne
9th Jul 2017Day 12 Last Day in Copenhagen
8th Jul 2017Day 11 Copenhagen
7th Jul 2017Day 10 Copenhagen
6th Jul 2017Day 9 Stockholm to Copenhagen
5th Jul 2017Day 8 Stockholm
4th Jul 2017Day 7 Stockholm
3rd Jul 2017Day 6 Stockholm
2nd Jul 2017Day 5 Hamburg to Stockholm
1st Jul 2017Day 4 London to Hamburg
30th Jun 2017Day 3 London
29th Jun 2017Day 2 London
28th Jun 2017Day 1 London
Tom and Grandma 2015 - 15 Diary Entries
19th Sep 2015Last day in Rome
18th Sep 2015Mount Vesuvius and the City of Pompeii
17th Sep 2015Colosseum and Rome Forum Tour
16th Sep 2015Out and About in Rome
15th Sep 2015Arrival in Rome
14th Sep 2015Last Day in Paris
13th Sep 2015Out and About in Paris
12th Sep 2015A Rainy Day in Paris!
11th Sep 2015Disneyland Paris
10th Sep 2015Arrival in Paris
9th Sep 2015Last Day in London!
8th Sep 2015The Two Ws - Westminister Abbey and Wembley Park
7th Sep 2015Out and about in London
6th Sep 2015Day with Old Friends
5th Sep 2015Day One in London - The Tower of London
Vietnam and Cambodia 2015 - 12 Diary Entries
25th Feb 2015A trip up the Mekong River.
24th Feb 2015A lovely day in Ho Chi Minh City!
23rd Feb 2015Arrival in Ho Chi Minh (Saigon)
22nd Feb 2015Last Day in Hoi An
21st Feb 2015Hoi An Day 2
20th Feb 2015Hoi An Day 1
19th Feb 2015A Day of Travelling!
18th Feb 2015Halong Bay
17th Feb 2015Hanoi Day 2
16th Feb 2015Hanoi Day 1
15th Feb 2015This a test
15th Feb 2015Night in Kuala Lumpar
Eastern Europe 2014 - 38 Diary Entries
15th Feb 2015This a test
15th Feb 2015Night in Kuala Lumpar
15th Oct 2014Last Day in Zagreb
14th Oct 2014Second day of Sightseeing in Zagreb
13th Oct 2014Sightseeing in Zagreb
12th Oct 2014Sad Farewell to New Friends and Hello Zagreb
11th Oct 2014Last Day in Bled!
10th Oct 2014A Busy Day Around Bled
9th Oct 2014War Museum, Over the Julian Alps to Bled
8th Oct 2014Piran, Seĉovlje and Nova Goriska
7th Oct 2014Ljubljana, Postojna and Predjama
6th Oct 2014Last Day in Ljubljana
5th Oct 2014A Quiet Sunday in Ljublijana!
4th Oct 2014Walking and Cooking!!
3rd Oct 2014Salzburg to Ljubljana
2nd Oct 2014A Day of Tours!
1st Oct 2014Sightseeing in Salzburg
30th Sep 2014Vienna to Salzburg
29th Sep 2014Last Day in Vienna
28th Sep 2014A Day in the Danube Valley
27th Sep 2014A Magical Day in Vienna!
26th Sep 2014Sightseeing in Vienna
25th Sep 2014Split to Vienna (Wien)
24th Sep 2014Dubrovnik to Split
23rd Sep 2014A day in Mostar
22nd Sep 2014Sightseeing in Dubroknik
21st Sep 2014Split to Dubrovnik
20th Sep 2014Back to Split
19th Sep 2014Last day on Hvar Island
18th Sep 2014Busy day on Hvar Island
17th Sep 2014Hvar Island
16th Sep 2014Last day on Island of Vis
15th Sep 2014Day 3 on the Isle of Vis
14th Sep 2014Day 2 on the Island of Vis
13th Sep 2014Split to Vis Island
12th Sep 2014Split
11th Sep 2014Rest Day in Vienna
10th Sep 2014It is a long trip!
New Zealand 2014 - 11 Diary Entries
14th May 2014On my way home!
14th May 2014A Day in Akaroa
13th May 2014Arrived in Akaroa
12th May 2014Last Day in Christchurch
11th May 2014Mothers Day
9th May 2014Catching up with my Cousins
9th May 2014A really big drive up the South Coast
8th May 2014Invercargill
7th May 2014Drive to Invercargill
6th May 2014Oamaru
5th May 2014Day 1 Christchurch
Italy 2013 - 35 Diary Entries
5th May 2014Day 1 Christchurch
2nd Jun 2013Thanks and Arrivederci!!
1st Jun 2013The End to my Italian 2013 Adventure
31st May 2013Last Day in Italy
30th May 2013Cultural Day in Venice
29th May 2013Trip to Three Islands
28th May 2013Venice Tours on Land and Water
27th May 2013Busy Day in Venice
26th May 2013Arrival in Venice
25th May 2013Relaxing day in Rome
24th May 2013Arrivederci to new friends. Buongiorno Roma
23rd May 2013Quiet Day in Pienza
22nd May 2013Cortona and Montepulciano
21st May 2013Orvieto
20th May 2013Siena
19th May 2013Arrival in Pienza
18th May 2013Lake D'Orta
17th May 2013Free day in Stresa
16th May 2013Milano
15th May 2013Switzerland
14th May 2013Three little Islands on Lake Maggiore
13th May 2013Arrival at Stresa
12th May 2013Around Montecatini (our last day)
11th May 2013Florence (Firenze) Day 2
10th May 2013Florence Day 1
9th May 2013Portovenere
8th May 2013San Gimignano
7th May 2013Lucca
6th May 2013Cinque Terre
5th May 2013Goodbye Rome - for now! Hello Tuscany!
4th May 2013Rest day
3rd May 2013Vatican and more!
2nd May 2013Colosseum and more
1st May 2013Getting around including getting lost!
30th Apr 2013Arrival in Rome

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