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New Zealand Adventure
No Photos 29th Mar 2018
General info and thoughts on our NZ holiday

NZ is extremely photogenic -wall to wall scenery with a few bald patches!

 We feel we have only skimmed the surface of all the sights to see. Would be best to spend 6 weeks on one Island and have a separate  holiday on the other island!  We felt we had rushed around a bit too much but we had already cut a lot out of our itinerary.

All Kiwis are so friendly and helpful - only had one stern receptionist experience.

There are no intercity passenger trains in NZ apart from the three tourist trains that make money.

Auckland is known for its terrible traffic. Only place that seemed a little like the UK with regard to traffic. However it is not surprising as most N Zealanders live in Auckland! Otherwise traffic is almost non existent on some roads. 100K speed limit, although many bends warrant a 35K sign. Very few dual carriageways but all roads have passing lanes every few miles. Most people overtake here: you rarely see anyone overtake at other times. Bernard only overtook three vehicles in the 8 days we had the motorhome - one vintage steam engine, a vintage car and a tractor! Many small towns resemble American mid west one horse towns with single story one window shops, mainly wooden, in a strip along the main highway. Many homes are single storey and wooden with large gardens.

All hotels have Earthquake, Tsunami and Flood warning procedures.

Tipping is not expected. One taxi driver gave her tip back. Diesel is about 70p a litre, petrol about £1.05.

Lots of sheep and cattle on South Island with vineyards on both islands.

Commercial transport on roads is mainly logging trucks and sheep transporters. They even have Animal Effluent Disposal spots all down the major routes.  Sad to see all the sheep on their way to becoming lamb chops.

Most used phrases on the holiday:

“It’s further than I thought”

“Look at that”

“What time is it in England?”

“Do you want a beer?”   - we had bought a big case for the motorhome. Actually finished them at Auckland Airport on way home!

“We haven’t got time have we?”

The arrangements for the whole trip went smoothly - only three potentially small problems we may have had (all self induced).

Whilst unloading the car at Rotorua Trisha left the I-pad on the car roof in the outside car park. After about 20 minutes Bernard mentioned it and T remembered where she had left it.  B rushed out and luckily it was still there.

At another hotel ( sorry, stayed in so many) we were just leaving and walking out the bedroom door with our cases when T just opened the wardrobe on the way by, and we had left coats, trousers etc. We normally check before we leave but must have been tired that day!

At the airport at Auckland the check in  clerk said  the cases were going straight through to Heathrow as we had checked in both legs of our flight. We had to ask her to change it so our cases were unloaded in Hong Kong or we would have been without toiletries,nightwear and clean clothes that night! With hindsight should have just packed overnight stuff in rucksack for HK stay.

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