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Comers Corner
495 Diary Entries
9th Apr 2017Semporna
1st Apr 2017Coconut caves
30th Mar 2017Georgetown
22nd Mar 2017Playing superhero
19th Mar 2017Radio star in Kuala Lumpur
18th Mar 2017Malaysia
17th Mar 2017Cu Chi tunnels
16th Mar 2017Ho Chi Minh City
15th Mar 2017Back to civilisation
14th Mar 2017Gibbon tracking
13th Mar 2017Cat Tien National Park
12th Mar 2017Da Lat
11th Mar 2017Relaxing in Hoi An
10th Mar 2017The wrong bus
9th Mar 2017Tunnels, tombs and citadels
8th Mar 2017A day to relax
7th Mar 2017Hang Va cave
6th Mar 2017Nuoc Nut cave
5th Mar 2017Cycling and chickens
4th Mar 2017Heading South
3rd Mar 2017Cat Ba island
2nd Mar 2017From Halong Bay to Cat Ba island
1st Mar 2017Halong Bay
28th Feb 2017Back to Hanoi
27th Feb 2017Bao Lac to Cao Bang
26th Feb 2017Sunday markets and xe oms
25th Feb 2017Hill drive to Dong Van
24th Feb 2017Heading to Ha Giang
23rd Feb 2017Ho Chi Minh mausoleum
22nd Feb 2017Good Morning Vietnam!
21st Feb 2017Airport time
20th Feb 2017Khao Lak
19th Feb 2017Chiaw Lake
18th Feb 2017National Park
17th Feb 2017Khao Sok
10th Feb 2017My holiday begins!!
4th Dec 2016Trying my hand at Myanmar cuisine...
1st Dec 2016British Colonial Hill Station of Kalaw
19th Nov 2016Cangshan mountains
18th Nov 2016Myanmar visas and Dali
18th Oct 2016Return to Bangkok
16th Oct 2016Dragonsback Ridge
15th Oct 2016Hong Kong
1st Oct 2016Palm sugar, Kalaw and Inle lake
22nd Sep 2016Train travel for a change!
21st Sep 2016Hsipaw
20th Sep 2016Myanmar
18th Sep 2016Cooking course + hangover = nightmare...
11th Sep 2016Drive to Lijiang
10th Sep 2016Miyi
9th Sep 2016Emei Shan
8th Sep 2016Giant Buddha
7th Sep 2016Jingli Street
6th Sep 2016Giant pandas and opera
5th Sep 2016Baoding Caves
4th Sep 2016Dazu
3rd Sep 2016Yangtze river boat and mini three gorges
2nd Sep 2016Three Gorges Project
1st Sep 2016Yichang
30th Aug 2016Wudang Shan
29th Aug 2016New territory!
28th Aug 2016Hua Shan and the Bullet train
27th Aug 2016Made it!
14th Jul 2016Hamams and wine tasting
12th Jul 2016Stuck truck in 46 degrees
11th Jul 2016Ceramics, holy fish, suzanis, lakes, yurts and camels!
10th Jul 2016Zindon prison and unofficial city tours!
9th Jul 2016A lazy day in Bukhara
8th Jul 2016From Khiva to Bukhara
7th Jul 2016A carpet ride to Khiva
5th Jul 2016Kunye Urgench
4th Jul 2016Akhal Tepe horses and Darvasa gas crater
28th Jun 2016The Caspian Sea
27th Jun 2016Baku and the ferry port
26th Jun 2016Mud volcanoes, petroglyphs and Baku
10th Jun 2016The drive to Goreme
9th Jun 2016The Silk Road begins again!
9th Jun 2016Beautiful Bulgaria
8th Jun 2016Head gaskets and quiet streets
7th Jun 2016Bombings in Istanbul
16th Apr 2016Cartagena
15th Apr 2016New trip!
5th Feb 2016Bush camp at the Mountain of Seven colours
4th Feb 2016Salta
12th Jan 2016Inka party!
11th Jan 2016Summit attempt
10th Jan 2016Camp Cholera at 6, 000 metres
9th Jan 2016Resting at the Condor's Nest
8th Jan 2016Nido de condores
7th Jan 2016Camp Canada
6th Jan 2016The rest continues
5th Jan 2016Let it snow...
4th Jan 2016Shower time!
3rd Jan 2016Camp Canada
2nd Jan 2016Resting at Plaza de Mulas
1st Jan 2016Horcones valley
31st Dec 2015New Year at altitude
30th Dec 2015Confluencia
30th Dec 2015To Confluencia 3800m
29th Dec 2015Los Penitentes
28th Dec 2015Expedition time!
27th Dec 2015Settling back into Mendoza
26th Dec 2015Back in South America
25th Dec 2015Off again!!
7th Aug 2015The Great Wall of China, Jinshanling
6th Aug 2015Puning Temple and Summer Palace
5th Aug 2015Crazy drivers!!
4th Aug 2015Yanguan caves
3rd Aug 2015Hanging Monastery
2nd Aug 2015Pilgrims walk
1st Aug 2015Wutai Shan
31st Jul 2015Mian Shan mountain resort
30th Jul 2015Exploring Pingyao
29th Jul 2015Pingyao
28th Jul 2015Cave village
27th Jul 2015Yan'an
26th Jul 2015City wall cycling, fountain displays and scorpions on a stick!
25th Jul 2015Terracotta Warriors and a hangover!
23rd Jul 2015Mount Kongtong and chickens feet
22nd Jul 2015Ping Liang
21st Jul 2015Lanzhou
20th Jul 2015Cupping
19th Jul 2015Ganjia Tibetan grasslands
18th Jul 2015Labrang monastery
17th Jul 2015Bingling Buddha Si caves
16th Jul 2015Long tunnels, $1 noodles, lots of rain and Liajiaxia
15th Jul 2015Rainbow mountains and a Dragoman crew catch up
14th Jul 2015Jiayaguan Fort and fainting passengers!!
13th Jul 2015Mogao caves
12th Jul 201513 hours to Dunhuang...
11th Jul 2015Yar City and Karez irrigation channels
10th Jul 2015Heavenly Lake
9th Jul 2015Urumqi
8th Jul 2015Desert drives, cinemas and fountain/light displays
7th Jul 2015Taklamakan desert and farting toilets...
6th Jul 2015Catch up time
5th Jul 2015Karakoram highway
4th Jul 2015Kashgar
3rd Jul 2015Chinese MOT and earthquakes!
2nd Jul 2015Bad borders and China!!
1st Jul 2015Tash Rabat yurt camp
30th Jun 2015Naryn
29th Jun 2015Sad farewells
28th Jun 2015Crew catch up!
27th Jun 2015White water rafting
26th Jun 2015A rainy day, petroglyphs and luxuries!
25th Jun 2015Glacier walk
24th Jun 2015Soviet truck!!
23rd Jun 2015Eagle hunter
22nd Jun 2015Felt making
21st Jun 2015Riding!!
20th Jun 2015Goat polo!!
19th Jun 2015Song kul lake
18th Jun 2015Karakichi gorge
17th Jun 2015Walnut forests
16th Jun 2015Kyrgyzstan
15th Jun 2015Ferghana Valley
14th Jun 2015Easy day in Tashkent
8th Jun 2015Yurt camp
7th Jun 2015More hospital visits
6th Jun 2015Dropping like flies...
5th Jun 2015Bukhara and hospitals...
4th Jun 2015Khiva
3rd Jun 2015Uzbekistan!!
2nd Jun 2015Kunye-Urgench
1st Jun 2015Dragoman to the rescue!!
31st May 2015The white city
30th May 2015Kow-Ata underground caves
29th May 2015Camel country
28th May 2015The Caspian Sea
27th May 2015Customs and loading
26th May 2015Killing time in Baku
25th May 2015A day at the port
24th May 2015Baku, lost hotels and customs
23rd May 2015Petroglyphs and mud volcanoes
22nd May 2015Visa issues and Azerbaijan!
21st May 2015Azerbaijan
18th May 2015Tbilisi City Tour
17th May 2015Tsminda Sameba Cathedral, Tbilisi and a folk evening
16th May 2015Kazbegi
15th May 2015Bagrati Cathedral and Stalin's Museum
14th May 2015Prometheus Caves
13th May 2015Georgia!!
12th May 2015Sumela monastery
11th May 2015Road day!
10th May 2015Balloon flights!!
9th May 2015Cappadocia
8th May 2015Drive day in the rain!
7th May 2015A new start
6th May 2015Istanbul!!
5th May 2015Serbia and Bulgaria
4th May 2015Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia... Phew!!
3rd May 2015Belgium and Germany
2nd May 2015On the road again!! The Silk Road!
23rd Mar 2015Lukla to Kathmandu
22nd Mar 2015Phakding to Lukla
21st Mar 2015Mong La to Phakding
20th Mar 2015Gokyo to Mong La
19th Mar 2015Machermo to Gokyo
18th Mar 2015Phortse to Machermo
17th Mar 2015Lobuche to Phortse
16th Mar 2015Louche to Everest Base camp and back
15th Mar 2015Chhukung to Lobuche
14th Mar 2015Dingboche to Chhukung
13th Mar 2015Acclimatisation at Dingboche
12th Mar 2015Tengboche to Dingboche
11th Mar 2015Namche Bazaar to Tengboche
10th Mar 2015Acclimatisation day at Namche Bazaar.
9th Mar 2015Phakding to Namche Bazaar
8th Mar 2015Sake to Phakding.
7th Mar 2015Karikhola to Sarke 2240m
6th Mar 2015Taksindu to Karikhola 1992m
5th Mar 2015Gormi to Taksindu
4th Mar 2015Plan B - Kathmandu to Gormi
3rd Mar 2015Flying to Lukla... or not quite!
19th Nov 2014Road blocks and the Divine madman...
16th Nov 2014Tigers Nest monastery
15th Nov 2014Drive to Paro
14th Nov 2014BHUTAN!!
13th Nov 2014Siliguri and Bollywood... The two can mix!
12th Nov 2014A tour leaders work is never done...
11th Nov 2014Darjeeling and the 'boss'!
10th Nov 2014It begins again!!
9th Nov 2014Photography and old friends!
29th Oct 2014The final furlong
28th Oct 2014A very long traffic jam...
24th Oct 2014Rumtek Monastery
23rd Oct 2014Diwali!!
22nd Oct 2014Monastery and medical clinics
21st Oct 2014Local celebrities
20th Oct 2014The idyllic Karmi Farm
19th Oct 2014Tiger Hill
18th Oct 2014Tea gardens and red pandas
17th Oct 2014Back in the mountains
16th Oct 2014Sleeper train
15th Oct 2014Photography tour
14th Oct 2014The not-so-dark hole of Calcutta!
13th Oct 2014In a small dark room...
12th Oct 2014Holy cow!
11th Oct 2014Drunken moments - this time guilty!!
10th Oct 2014Hud Hud is looming
9th Oct 2014Drunken moments (no, not mine!!)
8th Oct 2014Wednesday market and New Hope
7th Oct 2014Walking in Odisha
6th Oct 2014Monday market
5th Oct 2014Long drive days
4th Oct 2014Bang Bang
3rd Oct 2014Gooo-vinda!!!
2nd Oct 2014Top Gear India photo shoot
1st Oct 2014Croc bank and Chennai
30th Sep 2014Mahabalipuram - say that after a few drinks!!
29th Sep 2014A very French-Indian town
28th Sep 2014Madurai
27th Sep 2014Antarctica of India!!
26th Sep 2014Cooking!!
25th Sep 2014Yoga, accounts, coffee and cake...
24th Sep 2014Varkala
23rd Sep 2014Alleppey House Boat
22nd Sep 2014Fort Cochin
21st Sep 2014Whoopsie!!
20th Sep 2014Tea, coffee, spices, waterfalls and a walk
19th Sep 2014Wild elephants!!
18th Sep 2014Incense and palaces
17th Sep 2014Drive to Mysore
16th Sep 2014Hampi
15th Sep 2014Drive to Hampi
14th Sep 2014Birthday in Palolem
13th Sep 2014Old Goa, South Goa and Bollywood dancing in the moonlight!
12th Sep 2014North Goa
11th Sep 2014Indian sleeper train
10th Sep 2014Slum tour
9th Sep 2014New group
8th Sep 2014Mumbai and a Ganesh Festival
7th Sep 2014Ellora caves
6th Sep 2014Four to one...
5th Sep 2014Mandu Fort and a bush camp
4th Sep 2014Drive day
3rd Sep 2014Exploring Udaipur
2nd Sep 2014Admin day!!
1st Sep 2014Ranakpur Temple
31st Aug 2014The Blue City
30th Aug 2014Sambahli Trust, diversions and a tiger print loin cloth…
29th Aug 2014Ferris wheel in the desert... Not joking!
28th Aug 2014Jaisalmer and a camel safari
27th Aug 2014Ratty temple, pilgrims and Jaisalmer!
26th Aug 2014Kinda stuck!!!
25th Aug 2014New trip
24th Aug 2014Drive to Delhi
23rd Aug 2014Jaipur
22nd Aug 2014Fatehpur Sikri and Jaipur
21st Aug 2014The Taj Mahal, Agra Fort and lots of Marble!
20th Aug 2014Drive to Agra
19th Aug 2014Orchha Palace and used condom wrappers
18th Aug 2014Erotic temples and food shopping
17th Aug 2014When 10 hours becomes 15...
16th Aug 2014Burning ghats, pilgrims, and flooded Ganges
15th Aug 2014Expect the unexpected!!
14th Aug 2014THIS IS INDIA!!!
13th Aug 2014Rhino spotting and leeches
12th Aug 2014A flat tyre, ox & cart, local Tharu villages and dancing
11th Aug 2014First drive day and white water rafting
10th Aug 2014New group
3rd Aug 2014Off to Nepal!
3rd Aug 2014Kathmandu - here I come!!
2nd Aug 2014Life after India - and I haven't even got there yet!
22nd Jul 2014From Peru to England...
21st Jul 2014Last night in Lima
20th Jul 2014Back to civilisation...
19th Jul 2014The high pass!
18th Jul 2014Lakes, valleys and glaciers
17th Jul 2014Santa Cruz trek
16th Jul 2014Huaraz - made it at last!
15th Jul 2014Overnight from Punta Sal to Huaraz
14th Jul 2014Turtles!!
13th Jul 2014Chilling on a beach... and a Dragoman truck!
12th Jul 2014Doing nothing... short entry!!
11th Jul 2014Back to Peru!!
10th Jul 2014Is that a humpback I can see...?
9th Jul 2014Puerto Lopez
7th Jul 2014Thwarted but happy!!
5th Jul 2014Making a date with a mountain...
4th Jul 2014Me time!!
3rd Jul 2014Little Paradise
30th Jun 2014Pichincha cable car, and fond farewells!!
29th Jun 2014Giant tortoises and return to Quito
28th Jun 2014Sea turtles, sharks and swimming iguanas
27th Jun 2014Red footed boobies!!
26th Jun 2014The Galapagos!!!
16th Apr 2014Cave of hands
15th Apr 2014Ice climbing
14th Apr 2014Elbow grease
13th Apr 2014Tres Lagoas walk
12th Apr 2014Views of Fitz Roy at last!!
11th Apr 2014Many borders to cross!
16th Feb 2014Just chillin'...
15th Feb 2014Will it work???
14th Feb 2014A day in the workshop
18th Oct 2013Cachaca museum!!
17th Oct 2013Costa del Service Station
16th Oct 2013Anteaters and a party
15th Oct 2013Karma??
14th Oct 2013Sao Miguel caves
13th Oct 2013Bad Toucan!!
12th Oct 2013Bonito
11th Oct 2013The best laid plans...
10th Oct 2013Grease monkey!!
9th Oct 2013So Diesel
8th Oct 2013Jesuit ruins, Brazil and group cooking...
7th Oct 2013Yapeyu
6th Oct 2013Tango show!!
5th Oct 2013Bus stations, blue cheese and a new trainee!!
4th Oct 2013Visas!!
3rd Oct 2013Cordoba
2nd Oct 2013Waterfalls and music nights
1st Oct 2013Top of the World
30th Sep 2013(More) wine and cheese tasting...
29th Sep 2013Trailer trash campsite and a birthday
28th Sep 2013Red wine and... well, more red wine!!
27th Sep 2013White water rafting!!!
26th Sep 2013A busy day!
25th Sep 2013From Chile to Argentina
24th Sep 2013San Pedro de Atacama
23rd Sep 2013The altiplano and star gazing!
22nd Sep 2013Valle de la Roche
21st Sep 2013Salar de Uyuni!
20th Sep 2013Extreme Fun Pub
19th Sep 2013Bolivian internet cafes - are they worth it??
18th Sep 2013Chocolate fondue and a yard of ale
17th Sep 2013Bolivian homestay
16th Sep 2013The Worlds Hottest Curry - not for me!!
15th Sep 2013A quiet one...
14th Sep 2013My Birthday!!!
13th Sep 2013A day in Copacabana
12th Sep 2013Difficult border crossings
11th Sep 2013Puno!
10th Sep 2013Loose ends
9th Sep 2013Cusco - the city that works hard and plays hard!
8th Sep 2013Lares, Ollayantaytambo and Cusco
7th Sep 2013Fiesta!!!
6th Sep 2013Peruvian wedding
5th Sep 2013Sachsayhauman, Pisac and trekking time!!
4th Sep 2013New crew and pulmonary oedema!!
3rd Sep 2013Homestay
2nd Sep 2013My favourite drive day
1st Sep 2013Is that a condor...? Yeah it is!!
31st Aug 2013Chivay, fiestas and traditional dances
30th Aug 2013An early Birthday present to me, from me!!
29th Aug 2013The White City
28th Aug 2013Mummies and beach barbecues!!
27th Aug 2013Nazca lines
26th Aug 2013Back to the daily grind... I don't think so!!
25th Aug 2013Tambo Colorado and a new group
24th Aug 2013Oasis in the desert
23rd Aug 2013The Peruvian Altiplano
22nd Aug 2013New Co-driver!
21st Aug 2013The final furlong of the Transamazon Exploratory trip!
20th Aug 2013On to Quince Mil
19th Aug 2013Parrot clay licks
18th Aug 2013Oxbow lakes and natural viagra
17th Aug 2013Hug a howler day!!!
16th Aug 2013Back in Peru!
15th Aug 2013Chico Mendes and a condom factory
14th Aug 2013Bush camp to Xapuri
13th Aug 2013Porto Velho and riverside bush camps
12th Aug 2013The long and winding road...
11th Aug 2013Maroon communities and pink dolphins
10th Aug 2013Vila Bela, kingingin and piranhas
9th Aug 2013Piuval Lodge
8th Aug 2013Rio Clarinho Lodge, North Pantanal
7th Aug 2013Pousada Alegre, The North Pantanal
6th Aug 2013Dino Valley
5th Aug 2013The waterfall trail
4th Aug 20132.5 days later - Chapada dos Guimaraes!!
3rd Aug 201315.5 hours later...
2nd Aug 2013Intrepid Explorers
1st Aug 2013Swimming in a gold mine... Priceless!!
31st Jul 2013New territory!
30th Jul 2013Return to Rio and a new group!!
29th Jul 2013End of my 'holiday'!
28th Jul 2013Flipping roof seats!!!
27th Jul 2013Flipping window winders!!
26th Jul 2013Truck day!!
25th Jul 2013Poorly crew
24th Jul 2013On the run from the Pope!
23rd Jul 2013Trip end at Rio de Janeiro
22nd Jul 2013Hangover from hell!!
21st Jul 2013Booze Cruise!!
20th Jul 2013Parati!
19th Jul 2013Sick Gus!
18th Jul 2013Farewell to the Pantanal and a bush camp
17th Jul 2013Trucks, horses and cowboys
16th Jul 2013Off down the ranch!!
15th Jul 2013Abismo Anhumas (Abyss of the Anhumas region)
14th Jul 2013Rio de Prata
13th Jul 2013Long drive!!
12th Jul 2013A helicopter trip!!
11th Jul 2013Itaipu Dam
10th Jul 2013Argentine side of Iguazu Falls
9th Jul 2013San Ignacio de Mini
8th Jul 2013Drive to Yapeyu
7th Jul 2013Busy day!!
6th Jul 2013Easy day!!
5th Jul 2013Buenos Aires
4th Jul 2013Cordoba
3rd Jul 2013Just call me a gaucho...
2nd Jul 2013A wee bit windy...
1st Jul 2013The Estancia!!!
30th Jun 2013Quilmes ruins
29th Jun 2013Wine tasting region!
28th Jun 2013Tent cleaning!
27th Jun 2013Lie in and a truck park!
26th Jun 2013Salta at last!!
25th Jun 2013Dragoman = Illegal immigrants!?!
24th Jun 2013Bolivian altiplano Day 2
23rd Jun 2013Bolivian altiplano Day 1
22nd Jun 2013Salar de Uyuni
21st Jun 2013Off to Uyuni!
20th Jun 2013Potosi
19th Jun 2013Livichenko and Potosi
18th Jun 2013Only in Bolivia...
17th Jun 2013Shopping in La Paz!
16th Jun 2013Accounts - exciting!
15th Jun 2013Ferry crossings and road blockades
14th Jun 2013Isle del Sol and paperwork
13th Jun 2013Sad goodbyes, Uros Islands and Bolivia!!
12th Jun 2013STRESS!!! Sillustani ruins and Puno
11th Jun 2013Truck day!
10th Jun 2013Free day in Cusco
9th Jun 2013Return to Cusco
8th Jun 2013Community Trek Day 3
7th Jun 2013Community Trek Day 2
6th Jun 2013Community Trek Day 1
5th Jun 2013Three meetings and a crew night out
4th Jun 2013Peruvian mummies!!!
3rd Jun 2013The monumental drive day
2nd Jun 2013The Colca Canyon
1st Jun 2013Over the pass to Chivay
31st May 2013Arequipa city tour
30th May 2013Off to Arequipa
29th May 2013Mummies and beach camps
28th May 2013Nazca
27th May 2013Boat trips and dune buggying
26th May 2013New group
22nd May 2013The best laid plans...
20th May 2013Two epic drive days down, four more to go!
19th May 2013Hammocks, blue seas, locals, happy clappy tunes & dolphins
18th May 2013Cartagena and Playa Blanca
17th May 2013Medellin to Covenas
16th May 2013Pablo Escobar tour
15th May 2013Medellin city tour
14th May 2013Guatape
13th May 2013A day in Guatape
12th May 2013Manizales to Guatape
11th May 2013The Hacienda Venecia and coffee plantation tour
10th May 2013It Begins....

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