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Manitoba to South America - 103 Diary Entries
3rd Aug 2018Trying to set up new blog
28th Jul 2013Our last blog
27th Jul 2013Oh Canada our home and native land
10th Jul 2013Hockey and Liverpool.
3rd Jul 2013North to...
2nd Jul 2013Shakespeare 's birthplace Upon Avon
19th Jun 2013From Victoria to London...couldn't tell the difference!
11th Jun 2013Loving Loire
9th Jun 2013Caen, Normandy//Remembering WWII
1st Jun 2013Paris...oh la la
24th May 2013Friends for 50 years (nearly)!
23rd May 2013Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp.
21st May 2013Berlin--beyond the wall
19th May 2013Nafplio
18th May 2013Agia Marina
11th May 2013Greece- back in time
9th May 2013Naples
8th May 2013Our "Under the Tuscan Skies"
4th May 2013Vieste, Italy on the Adriatic Coast
27th Apr 2013Pantheon
24th Apr 2013One step to be in the smallest state in the world.
23rd Apr 2013We are Glad.........iators
22nd Apr 2013Italy
7th Apr 2013I can't wait to tell you I went to the Barber of Seville!
31st Mar 2013Our time in Granada
30th Mar 2013The Red Castle in the Sky
25th Mar 2013Two Eyes on the Same Side of the Nose?
23rd Mar 2013The rain in Spain falls mainly on the ...
20th Mar 2013Blowing Blizzard to Balmy Beaches!
16th Mar 2013Marvellous Manitoba
22nd Feb 2013Back in Canada with family and friends
20th Feb 2013Goodbye Asia, Hello Europe!
19th Feb 2013Leaving Las...Bangkok
15th Feb 2013Esther faces one of her many fears!
14th Feb 2013Neufelds storm Thailand (well, two of them anyway)
1st Feb 2013Back in Kuala Lumpur with Susan and Maurice
30th Jan 2013Everybody has a long beach!
26th Jan 2013Wella, Wella...tell me more....
17th Jan 2013Ella- not just the first name of jazz but also tea...
16th Jan 2013Swimming my way to India
10th Jan 2013Back in time - mini vans 1 and 2
8th Jan 2013Sri Lanka--island south of India
31st Dec 2012Christmas and New Year's Greetings to All
24th Dec 2012The Teacher Connection- no matter where you go!
18th Dec 2012Garion, Abigail, Jessie and mom Bev dress up for the premiere of The Hobbit//Garion graduated from H
18th Dec 2012The Magnificent Olferts again...dressed for the showing of "The Hobbit"...
16th Dec 2012Classes and Glasses!
14th Dec 2012Fwd: Tomatoes
14th Dec 2012On and Off Express to Inle Lake
9th Dec 2012Maybe no wifi for several days
8th Dec 2012Fwd: $$$$$photo- taken by Geri Richardson
8th Dec 2012You say Bagan, I say Pagan...
2nd Dec 2012Happy 2013 to all our family and friends
30th Nov 2012Pyin Oo Lwin, dont you?
30th Nov 2012Pyin Oo Lwin--Northern Burma--an escape from the heat
28th Nov 2012The Road to Mandalay is more than a Hope-Crosby road movie
26th Nov 2012The golden Shwedagon Pagoda
25th Nov 2012Believe it we're in Burma
17th Nov 2012Fwd: 3 Photos
17th Nov 2012Esther's Afraid of Tiny Dogs...But Elephants...
15th Nov 2012From sand in your trunks to elephant trunks
7th Nov 2012Putt-putting around Phuket
6th Nov 2012Can't see the light for the dark...
2nd Nov 2012Bangkok to Bonkers
27th Oct 2012Ho Chi Minh City
26th Oct 2012Good bye to Mui Ne and our little family
21st Oct 2012Dune't be surprised where we went!
20th Oct 2012Mui Ne was a great French artist but...
19th Oct 2012Time for the beach
15th Oct 2012Hanging around Hoi An
14th Oct 2012I said to be continued...I just didn't say how long!
14th Oct 2012The trials and tribulations of Trains!
13th Oct 2012A Few of my Favourite Things
9th Oct 2012Our Halong Bay adventure
6th Oct 2012Happy Thanksgiving
2nd Oct 2012Colds in hot Hanoi
1st Oct 2012Ha-noi-sy street because of Autumn Lunar Festival
30th Sep 2012Good morning, Vietnam...
26th Sep 2012A week of luxury in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
25th Sep 2012Last Days of Bali part 2
25th Sep 2012Last days of Bali
20th Sep 2012Here is one for Mom
20th Sep 2012More meanderings
19th Sep 2012Bits and Bytes (mosquito too--ha ha)
19th Sep 2012Kuta Been Somebody!
13th Sep 2012Dog paddling in the Pacific
12th Sep 2012From the culture of Ubud to school (of fish, that is)
9th Sep 2012Ubud part 2
8th Sep 2012Ubud
5th Sep 2012Tulamben Diving Part 2
5th Sep 2012Chicken for breakfast--why not?
3rd Sep 2012The Indonesian believe- Teachers are heroes without medals
2nd Sep 2012Romantic sunset
2nd Sep 2012Diving- Day trip to Tulamben
1st Sep 2012Wayan and Ketut
30th Aug 2012Guest Villa
30th Aug 2012Don't be in a hurry, no one else is!
30th Aug 2012Water water everywhere nor any drop to drink
26th Aug 2012Bali Life
26th Aug 2012Ed catches up
25th Aug 2012Hong Kong
22nd Aug 2012Everything has worked out well
18th Aug 2012Goodbye to Victoria

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