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82 Diary Entries
30th May 2008ReEntry
30th May 2008St Augustine. The City of God. The Fountain of Youth. The Atlantic Ocean and Journey's End
29th May 2008Stay Tuned
23rd May 2008What's Left?
22nd May 200810 Ways this Differs from Le Tour de France
21st May 2008Angel Band - the Stanley Brothers
15th May 2008Fires, Pestilence, Locusts, Famine, Frogs, Floods, Thunderstroms! Tornadic Activity
13th May 2008Gulf Shores Snapshot
12th May 2008Surf's Up! Hit the Beach!
11th May 2008Mississippi in a Flash
9th May 2008Modern Marvels - Gordon Parsons Bridge
8th May 2008Fun on the Bayou
6th May 2008Boudreau and Thibodeau Week
5th May 2008Animal Stories - Beware of Doug
5th May 200810 Reasons This Isn't Roughing It
5th May 2008Can you believe it? I actually said this...
3rd May 2008Kindness of Strangers - A Night at the Museum
2nd May 2008Cheeseburger Cheeseburger
1st May 2008Fires, Pestilence, Locusts, Famine, Frogs, Floods - St. Francisville, LA Flood Warning
30th Apr 2008B-Days
29th Apr 2008Lil Bit o' Dixie
28th Apr 2008The Run For The Big River
27th Apr 2008Shelter from the Storm
27th Apr 2008Top Ten Reasons this Isn't a Vacation
25th Apr 2008The Capital of Planet Texas
24th Apr 2008The Half-Way Mark
23rd Apr 2008Lower Rollers - Watch For Water On Road
21st Apr 2008High Rollers - Hills that Lance Made Famous
19th Apr 2008Windy Links
19th Apr 2008Against the Wind - Bob Seger
19th Apr 2008On a Wing and a Prayer - Part One
19th Apr 2008We Paid Cash Money For This?
18th Apr 2008Brrrrr, B-1, Bison, Beer
17th Apr 2008Sailing the Big Bend
17th Apr 2008The Big Bend: No Country for Old Men
17th Apr 2008Whitecaps in the Irrigation Ditch
17th Apr 2008High Wind Warning at 'Fort Davis, TX', until 10:00pm, Thu Apr 17 2008
15th Apr 2008Taxing Day
15th Apr 2008Tax Day, I-65 Revisted
12th Apr 2008Down in the West Texas Town of El Paso - Wine, Pecans and a Surprise Quinciniera
10th Apr 2008All the Roads in Heaven are Like This
10th Apr 2008Tour de Ghost Towns
9th Apr 2008Restless Legs Syndrome - a day off the grid and off the gear grind
8th Apr 2008Emory Pass, the Black Mountain Lodge - Together Again
8th Apr 2008New Earworm - El Paso by Marty Robbins
7th Apr 2008The Big Chill and the Elusive Continental Divide
6th Apr 2008The Land of Enchantment
5th Apr 2008Birds and Feathers
4th Apr 2008A Day of Blessings and One Good Question.
3rd Apr 2008Totally Globular
3rd Apr 2008Photo Op - the World's Smallest Museum.
3rd Apr 2008Poppin' Wheelies on Hwy 60
3rd Apr 2008Group Activity 1 - An Attempt to Banish Earworms
3rd Apr 2008Rumble Strip Haiku - AZ Hwy 60 Revisited
2nd Apr 2008First Birthday and the Taco Event Horizon
2nd Apr 2008To / in Phoenix and Beyond
1st Apr 2008Phinally Phoenix!
30th Mar 2008Harcuvar to Wickenburg - Hot Coffee, Huevos Rancheros, Unforgetable Folks
30th Mar 2008Earworms
29th Mar 2008Out of California. Into Arizona. Blythe to Harcuvar.
28th Mar 2008Colorado River Resort - Destiny
28th Mar 2008Colorado River Resort - Destiny
28th Mar 2008On The Road To Find Out - Cat Stevens
27th Mar 2008No Title
27th Mar 2008Breakdown - It's an Adventure not a Vacation
26th Mar 2008Eileen Checks In - Check It Out
26th Mar 2008Dry Heat
25th Mar 2008Staying at an Nudist Campground - It's Not What It's Cracked Up to Be
24th Mar 2008The First 40 Miles.
20th Mar 2008DePlane. Boss dePlane - Perspective.
20th Mar 2008Just Passing Thru -Security
20th Mar 2008Wildly Improbabable Goals - Summer Crossing
16th Mar 2008Crazy Guy on Bike - Same Space, Different Time
13th Mar 2008Re-cycled Cardboard Boxes
12th Mar 20082 Degrees to the Left of Center Please
12th Mar 2008Dinner with Steve from Aurora
5th Mar 2008Equipment Check - Tune-Ups Complete
28th Feb 20083082 miles - Give us this day, our daily ride.
25th Feb 2008Powering up ...
14th Feb 2008We Received an Email From Our Guide Today - My Reply
9th Feb 2008We Went on Our First Training Rides This Weekend
2nd Feb 2008Our Adventure Cycling Maps Arrived Today

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