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Paris & London 2018 - 9 Diary Entries
1st Aug 2018Harry Potter Day!
31st Jul 2018Hello London
30th Jul 2018Last day in Paris
29th Jul 2018VIP'ing and the Tour de France
28th Jul 2018A day in Champagne
27th Jul 2018Champs-Élysées
26th Jul 2018Thursday night, Moulin Rouge and all the cocktails
26th Jul 2018Big Big Parisian Day!
25th Jul 2018Popping to Paris
Spain, Italy, UK 2016 - 28 Diary Entries
25th Jul 2018Popping to Paris
7th Jul 2016Ending on a high
6th Jul 2016Honing my hospitality skills
5th Jul 2016A Midsummer Treat
4th Jul 2016Marvellous Monday
3rd Jul 2016Sensational Sunday - Part 2
3rd Jul 2016Some days are so awesome they deserve a two part diary. Sunday - Part 1
1st Jul 2016Bikes, family, food, fun
30th Jun 2016Welcome to the UK
29th Jun 2016Italy to the UK
28th Jun 2016Monte means mountain. Mountain means hilly
27th Jun 2016From a winery to buffering Game of Thrones
25th Jun 2016A Garda weekend
24th Jun 2016Arrival Pescheria, Lake Garda and Carmen opening night in Verona
20th Jun 2016Cagliari - it's a strange place
19th Jun 2016A week in Cagliari (silent G)
18th Jun 2016Exploring Cagliari
16th Jun 2016Wrapping up Girona
15th Jun 2016Tanya's birthday
14th Jun 2016Lycra free
13th Jun 2016Gemma's birthday
12th Jun 2016Moving house
11th Jun 2016Girona Gran Fondo
10th Jun 2016Picture perfect
9th Jun 2016Stairs - the leg destroyers
8th Jun 2016Barthelona
7th Jun 2016Girona Day Two
5th Jun 2016Spain chapters start here
Italy 2013 - 28 Diary Entries
9th Oct 2013My Friend Bec
8th Oct 2013Black Country Museum
6th Oct 2013Touchdown in England
6th Oct 2013Time to go
5th Oct 2013Fortress games
4th Oct 2013Enchanted Forest
3rd Oct 2013Walking Siena
2nd Oct 2013Six degrees
1st Oct 2013Truffllissimo!
30th Sep 2013Alarming Milan
27th Sep 2013Florence for another day
26th Sep 2013History lessons
25th Sep 2013Walking the streets of Rome - Day 2
24th Sep 2013Roma Capitale - Day 1
23rd Sep 2013Legging it to Rome
22nd Sep 2013That Road Race
20th Sep 2013UCI Time Trial - Cavedine
19th Sep 2013Italians do it better?
17th Sep 2013Climbed a mountain
16th Sep 2013Today's blog entry is brought to you by Guest Blogger Matt Tognini
15th Sep 2013Verona Luca Avesani Grand Fondo Day
14th Sep 2013EPIC
13th Sep 2013Lake Garda - Chapter 1
12th Sep 2013Highs and Lows
11th Sep 2013A day of firsts
11th Sep 2013Setting the scene for some context
10th Sep 2013Arrivato!
5th Sep 2013Getting ready to fly

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