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15th Aug 2010
My 3.8 year life as an Emirate Flight Attendant –- Now over! A day in the Life…

Over the past month I have been enjoying counting down my last few flights working for Emirates! There hasn’t been any sadness or regret leaving my job with Emirates, but instead the trill of thinking I can now stay on solid earth for more then a week.

I thing I mostly enjoyed during my final month was hearing the support all of the crew were preaching to me, everyone confirming that its an excellent news, good luck, congratulations and well done.

It was also nice to show crew that there is a life after a cabin crew lifestyle. Except, I didn’t tell them how much effort it was to finally find a new job. But in retrospect, the global economy is still suffering from the GFC, unemployment is up (besides Australia), and the markets are balancing on a knifes-edge for a double dip recession. So, to get a job during this time isn’t too bad I suppose.

My 3.8yrs with Emirates has been a joy and an amazing experience! I more feel that the opportunities which the Emirates lifestyle can provide to you are the major benefit about the job and not the job itself. With all of the free time which you (use to have, the times have changed with Emirates) have between flights provides you with the freedom to chose to do anything with it and with very cheap discounted staff airfare tickets, you’d be stupid not to use this special opportunity to travel. For some reason the majority of crew waste this time instead.

Unfortunately, the job description of a cabin crew isn’t as glamorous as it use to be (not like I began this job for that reason), and the work while on the aircraft becomes very repetitive, fast! I am pleased to be leaving the company of Emirates now as I feel that the employee working condition standards have been dropping continuously as the airline has finally seen the financial advantages of cost cutting since the GFC (Global Financial Crisis). But this is not good for the poor employees.

I feel like I have grown and developed personally and professionally from the international exposure of travelling around the globe experiencing hundreds of different cultures, meeting thousands of new people (over 100 different nationalities of cabin crew, international passengers, and all sorts of people on my adventure holiday travels).

For the first few years it was all about seeing and exploring as many different countries, world wonders, and unknown places as possible. But I feel that over my last 1.5yrs with Emirates, my interests of travel changed to learning more about the world economy, trade, doing business in different countries, business opportunities, and buying investments in different regions of the world. I have really enjoyed being a student of the international markets and it was enjoyable to keep up with international current events and news as I had most likely been there (that country or region).

I have developed not only from my job but also during my time at Emirates, I have bought a property and then managed to live through, survived, and maintained my investments through the worst World Economic Crisis since the 1930s. I also, completed my Bachelor of Multimedia degree which is also fully paid off thank god.

Here is a fun list of things I’ve learnt during my 3.8yrs with Emirates and living overseas in Dubai:
• Travelling is one of the best forms of education.
• Make the most of the opportunities which are presented before you.
• Do everything with a positive attitude and your life will be open to more doors.
• Never give up with what you want. (such as for my study, property problems and job search. If I gave up on these then I would of not achieved success)
• Find your true love because she will bring you the most happiness to your world.
• Travelling with your partner is one of the best ways to learn and test each other and the relationship. (Chaz and I have travelled over 24 countries together – maybe more)
• Build a supportive network around your world, of positive people such as your friends, partner, business associates, work colleagues, and family.
• Ask questions always.
• Keep learning always.
• Ill never miss 3am departure flights and arriving back from flights at dawn. (stuffs up your sleeping pattern for the next 24hrs and crew do this every week!)
• I never want to serve passengers again on an aircraft, and instead, I want to be served as a passenger (travelling business class always) in the future.
• I’ll always miss paying only 10% of an airfare.
• I’ll always miss staying in 4-5 star hotels and resorts around the world for free.
• I’ll always miss collecting $100 of spending cash when I land in a new country.
• Physically and mentally challenging yourself yearly by pushing your limits is lifelong rewarding experience (Chaz and i go yearly week long hikes in Himalayan Mountain Range and other internationally renown hiking trails, I completed the 42km Dubai Marathon and New York Marathon.)
• Enjoy life and live life to the max.
• Have a life long goal and dream which you are continuously working towards on a daily basis (while still enjoying your life).
• Asia is now the world economic power.
• Working for someone else is not the answer for an early retirement.
• Paying not tax is awesome (we don’t pay tax in the Middle East).
• Work unions (only in the Western World) carry a large and powerful influence on the outcome of the employees working conditions.

I may add more discoveries soon…

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Diary Photos

00. breakfast & feeding turtles b4 flt

01. got all IDs

02. leaving home

03.1 driving no hands

03.3 driving to bus

03.4 driving to bus

03.6 driving to bus

04. bus transport to headquarters

05.2 reaching headquarters

06. reaching headquarters

07.2 walking through the center of headquarters

07.3 collect mail from my dropbox of thousands

07.5 dropping off dirty uniforms at Emirates dry cleaners

07.6 emirates postgraduate programmes

07.7 running track on emirates headquarters roof

07.8 pool and bar on emirates headquarters roof

08. departing through e gate UAE immigration

09. checking into flight (spits out baggage tag)

10. duty controller counter

11.1 Ramadan promotional display in departures

11.2 Ramadan promotional display in departures

12. crew in airport bus on the way to aircraft

13.1 reaching our aircraft

13.2 reaching our aircraft

14. on airbridge, boarding aircraft

15. boarding our empty aircraft

16.1 doing security checks

16.2 doing security checks

16.3 doing security checks

16.4 doing security checks

17.1 safety and security checks

17.2 safety and security checks

17.3 safety and security checks

18.1 finish aircraft checks, waiting for passengers

18.3 finish aircraft checks, waiting for passengers

18.4 finish aircraft checks, waiting for passengers

18.5 finish aircraft checks, waiting for passengers

18.6 finish aircraft checks, waiting for passengers

18.7 finish aircraft checks, waiting for passengers

18.8 finish aircraft checks, waiting for passengers

18.9 finish aircraft checks, waiting for passengers

19.1 aircraft engineers replacing tires

19.2 aircraft engineers replacing tires

19.3 aircraft engineers replacing tires

20.1 arming door for take off

20.2 arming door for take off

20.3 OPEN in arabic

20.3 our aircraft taxiing

21.0 our aircraft taxiing

21.1 our aircraft taxiing

21.2 our aircraft taxiing

21.3 our aircraft taxiing past terminal 4

21.4 our aircraft taxiing past terminal 4

22.1 taking off

22.2 taking off

22.3 taking off

22.4 taking off

23.1 reaching cruising altitude, service begins

23.2 reaching cruising altitude, service begins

24. fooling around during service

25.1 service over, lunch with a view

25.2 business class lunch of fruit, cheese, bolsamic vinegar with bread

26.1 say hi to the cockpit

26.2 say hi to the cockpit

27.1 Top of Descent getting ready to land

27.2 Top of Descent getting ready to land

28.1 in the cockpit for landing

28.2 in the cockpit for landing

28.3 in the cockpit for landing

28.4 in the cockpit for landing

29. reaching destination

30. in destination airport

31.1 leaving arrivals at destination

31.2 leaving arrivals at destination

32. leaving airport, walking to hotel bus

33. loading baggage in hotel bus

34.1 reaching Hilton Hotel

34.2 reaching Hilton Hotel

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