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No Photos 28th Feb 2011
Design a website CMS

Design a website CMS

I will design a website, What CMS should I?

Even those who have brought forward several web pages ask this question to a new project: What CMS should I? There is a wealth of CMS (Content Management System) and each with hundreds of peculiarities. Faced with such supply is not an easy choice.

When we have questions we often ask, which unleashed an avalanche of opinions, prejudices, anecdotes of personal experiences and topics. Especially the latter.

From here we could publish a comparison between the most popular CMS like Joomla, Wordpress, PHPNuke, etc. But it would be easy to avoid a personal contribution to the avalanche above.

There is a way to make a decision with arguments and hitting safety. The first step is to define in detail the purpose of the website and the tools we need. When this point is clear we can begin to compare.

For this, nothing more convenient than visiting This page lists content managers 852. It is designed to compare out any CMS. Simply select the portion of the left those of us interested. Immediately, a dialog box with the characteristics of each.

Comprehensive analysis of all aspects of each program. It offers a wealth of information grouped into ten sections: System Requirements, security, support, ease of use, performance, administration, interoperability, adaptability, application modules and business modules.

In the table we see that it crosses the data indicated that compared with the characteristic CMS. Identical responses share the same cell color. In this way it becomes really easy to find the differences.

How to recover your lost boot reading units

Sometimes, without really knowing why, you put a CD or DVD to your desktop PC and it does not start automatically like it used to.

The cause is usually the installation of recording programs, often without prompting, turn off the boot of the units, or other programs.

Some people prefer to happen, that is, the boot is off, however, if you prefer on, we'll explain the best solution to recover the lost boot.

Can be done from the Windows options, but not always possible to repair it from there. So the most effective way is to use Microsoft Autoplay Repair Wizard.

Once downloaded, run it (no installation required) and Autoplay Repair Wizard readers will analyze your disk drives. Instantly shows you the status of the three policy levels: the current user, the local computer and the unit level.

To the right of each policy will have a button called Repair. Hit it where you find the problem, restart the computer and problem solved.

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