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Harry and Judy's RV Trip
No Photos 26th Apr 2011 - Summer 2011
Day 10-Who Knew?

This is the day of "Who Knew".  When we left Alamogordo we thought it would be an easy 218 miles to Lordsburg, NM with not many stops and not much to see.  We should know better.  For example:

Who knew Alamogordo was the beginning of the New Mexico Wine Trail?  Of course we had to stop and sample (this time I brought my ID and we got some Pistachio wine for Weds. winos)

Who knew 20 miles down the road was the White Sands National Monument-300 square miles of white sand made from gypsum that blows off the mountains?  They actually have to plow it off the road that goes through it.  The kids use snow saucers here too, but this place is much bigger.  It's so white all over-I attached a video of Harry trying to get up one of the dunes under "My videos". It's hard packed down the bottom but not so much as you go up. Some are 60 feet high.  It's one of the natural wonders of the world.  We spent about 2 hours here and had lunch in the parking lot.

Who knew this was where the first atomic bomb went off in 1945 and the gov't. still has a missile base here?

Who knew this is where the space shuttle lands when it can't land in Florida?

Who knew we'd see border patrol places all over I-10?

Who knew we'd go through more incredible mountains (these seem to be only rock, no trees)?

Who knew we'd then go through miles and miles of nothing but desert surrounded by these gorgeous mountains in the distance?

Who knew we'd drive alongside a railroad that had train after train full of cargo cars, most over 100 cars long?

Who knew we'd get in the middle of horrible sand storms where you couldn't see your hand in front of your face let alone the cars in front of you? This went on for over 2 hours driving time.  It was like a white out only it was a red out from the sand.  The wind is so bad I couldn't get the car door open. Yesterday's pre-hurricane winds were nothing like today.  I don't know how Harry kept it on the road without swaying we were getting buffeted so badly.  Thanks, Babe!  They say it's supposed to last most of the night and then ebb off.  The RV is taking a beating but we're pretty stable.

Who knew we'd actually see tumbleweed tumble?

Who knew we'd cross the Continental Divide and we probably should have paid better attention in school so we'd know what that meant?

Who knew we'd think we were getting a bargain when we paid $3.95 a gallon for diesel?  This is the lowest we've paid on the trip.  The average around here is $4.19 but we saw it for $4.69 today.

Who knew human skin could get so dried out?

I made great liver, bacon and onions for dinner tonight.  Who knew Heather (and probably a lot of other people) just said "EEWWW!!!"?

Who knew it would take up over 7 hours to go 218 miles?  Actually, we kinda did.  We're stopping to smell the roses and there sure are a lot out here to smell.  Seeing things I never thought I'd see and some I didn't even know existed.

Heading to Arizona tomorrow.  Maybe stopping off in Tombstone to see the OK Corral.

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Diary Movies

Harry climbing sand dune

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