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Harry and Judy's RV Trip
No Photos 27th Apr 2011 - Summer 2011
Day 11-Tombstone, AZ

Thank God the wind stopped last night before we went to bed! But it got cold, went down to 50 last night-we needed the space heaters.  Met a man on a bicycle at the AZ rest stop who biked through the wind yesterday.  He started in Seattle and is biking to Dallas and then to Minn. by mid-June.  Good luck to him!

We crossed into AZ early, we were only about 20 miles from the border last night, and saw more desert, freight trains and mountains, but these mountains were different again.  Seems every day we're surrounded by mountains but every day they're different.  These are bigger rocks, more like boulders. Saw a fire starting on the side of the road, called 911 but they already knew about, they actually said there were 4 or 5 of them.

Lots of ghost towns out here, this is the real wild west. We travelled to Tombstone and found out that somewhere we crossed another time zone, we're now in Pacific time. Town is the way it was in 1882, same shops and all, lots of costumed players around town.  Stopped at Longhorn Saloon for lunch and had a "tombstone", a cheese chili burger. Saw the big gun fight re-enactment at the OK Corral, complete with Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday, etal, walked around town.  A bit of a tourist trap, but interesting. Drove out to Boot Hill Cemetary where lots of townies are buried.  I really wanted to see this (I like cemetaries) and made Harry pull into the parking lot which was way too small for the RV to turn around in.  He probably had to make a 10-point turn but he did it. Thought I might end up in Boot Hill myself after that. 

Had to stop outside of Tombstone for the border patrol but they let us go right through.  They have all kinds of radar that, I guess, can tell if you have anybody in the car.  They had a Mexican couple out of the car and were talking to them. Tombstone is only about 25 miles from Mexico.

Headed west again and stopped in Tucson for the night.  Sign on the office door warns that rattlesnakes are out at night here so bring a flashlight if you go for a walk.  I won't be going for a walk.

Glad you're all enjoying this, it makes me want to keep it up.  As long as we have Wifi in the campground and I have the time I'll keep doing it.

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