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Harry and Judy's RV Trip
No Photos 29th Apr 2011 - Summer 2011
Day 13-Ups and Downs and God pulls another fast one

Another amazing day, got up at 6, yes AM. Drove 6-1/2 hours, 285 miles to LaMesa, CA, outside of San Diego.

Drove through Barry Goldwater Air Force Range which they say is "In the Middle of Nowhere" and it is, 100 miles of nothing but desert and mountains that look like they're just dirt and rocks, nothing worth taking pictures of.  Drove through Yuma Proving Grounds and the Jacumba Wilderness which is just that, ho hum.

Right outside of Yuma we came to huge sand dunes so of course I had to get a sample.  Must have picked up some prickers or something while there 'cause I started itching and when we stopped for lunch I had to change clothes and take a mini shower in the sink.  Had lunch in the RV in a parking lot in El Centro. Lunch was minus the tangerines and apples that the Calif. Agriculture lady confiscated from us at the checkpoint.  Seems they don't want FL citrus in Calif.

Beautiful oleanders in the dividers in the highway in Calif., red, white and pink.

Lots of border patrols, seem whenever a road leads to Mexico, there's a border patrol.  They even have big dogs and big guns and big helicopters.  They stop us, look in and wave us on.  Mexico is really close now.

And just when I thought it was gonna be a boring next 150 miles, God said 'HA!"

We started going up and mountain and it got steeper and steeper and then signs-"High Winds", "Turn off AC to avoid overheating", "Radiator water ahead", "Rock Slide Area", and then HUGE BOULDERS-BILLIONS OF THEM!!! Up the mountain, down the mountain, 4200 feet elevation and STILL THE HUGE BOULDERS, UNCOUNTABLE AND UNDESCRIBABLE.

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