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Harry and Judy's RV Trip
No Photos 1st May 2011 - Summer 2011
Day 15-And On Day 15 We Rested-Sort of

Decided to rest up today and catch up on some errands.  Had to get some prescriptions refilled (called ahead, how easy is that). Got the truck washed, filled up on fuel ($4.55 a gallon, cash only, thank you).  I saw regular gas for $5.05 yesterday in town-YIKES!

Went to a 2-floor Wal-Mart where they have an escalator with a separate ramp for your cart in between the up and down ramps. Doesn't take much to impress me, I thought this was great.  From there went to the grocery store, the local ones are called Von's, to stock up on food for the next few days.  There's lots of malls and business within a mile or two of the campground, so we didn't have to go far.

Everybody is so nice here and they're always smiling and very friendly.  Until they get behind the wheel of a car and then watch out!  They turn beastly!  Don't try to change lanes, they'll never let you over.  They're agressive and rude drivers.

Back to the campground for laundry.  The laundry in the campground  is only a row over from our campsite and there's lots of washers and dryers so it wasn't too bad.  I made a pot roast that came out really great considering I didn't have a pot big enough for it and had to improvise.

I checked the map for the hundredth time and I think we're going to try to get to Santa Barbara or Ventura when we leave here on Tues.  Called a few campgrounds but didn't settle on anything.  We'll probably wing it and find something when we get close.  None of them sounded like they were full so we shouldn't have much trouble finding something.

After dinner we thought about going in the pool, the spa, or playing pool in the rec room but decided to sit around and read, catch up on e-mails and surf the web.  This is camping?

Tomorrow-The San Diego Zoo-Pandas, Koalas and Polar bears, Oh My!

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