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Harry and Judy's RV Trip
No Photos 11th May 2011 - Summer 2011
Day 25-Goodbye California-Hello Oregon

Left camp about 9:30 and headed north to Oregon. We passed lots of lumber yards and mills and still more redwoods and farms. The mountains were foggy on top and really eerie looking. Saw a herd of elk and lots of elk warning signs, seems we’re in Elk Valley. Stopped at a beach called Dry Lagoon where they have black sand. And now so do I. We followed the coast up to Crescent City where the Tsumani hit last month. There’s all kinds of debris on the beach, but the town itself looks pretty well cleaned up, but the fog horn blows constantly. We saw tsunami warning signs all along the road for many miles and we’re still seeing them. Lots of rivers and streams for salmon fishing (salmon jerky is a big thing here). Still haven’t found out when salmon season is.
We stopped on the beach in Crescent City for lunch and had to make a decision which way to go. Plan A was to head east to Crater Lake in Oregon but I called a few campgrounds there last night and they said because of the unusual amount of snowfall this year they couldn’t open until maybe the end of May. We thought about just driving there and taking our chances but in the end opted for Plan B, which is to stay on the Oregon coast for a while, maybe up to Seattle and then hope on the way back down the campgrounds will be open and the roads will be OK. There’s plenty to see without going where the weather is really bad.
So after 12 nights and 13 days and 1541 miles in California we crossed the border into Oregon, where it immediately started to really rain and looks like it will rain at least all night. Chilly, too, only about 45-50 today. After 24 days this is our first rainy day, hard to believe. We stopped at the Oregon Welcome Center where the ladies told us to watch out for Marijuana cultivation sites, they’ll shoot us as soon as look at us. They also pointed us to a state campground right up the road on a bluff overlooking the ocean. It’s Harris Beach State Park in Brookings, where 75% of the Easter lilies in the US are grown. There’s a big rock where supposedly the rare tufted puffin has breeding nests. And a neighbor said he saw whales the other day. But today you can’t see anything because of the rain and fog, maybe tomorrow. No, I have not found the marijuana cultivation sites.

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