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Harry and Judy's RV Trip
No Photos 13th May 2011 - Summer 2011
Day 27-To Portland, Goodbye Pacific Ocean

184 miles, 4 hours, not bad for us!

Left camp about 9:30 and got on Rte. 38 east right away. What a difference in scenery.  There's no more ocean but a beautiful green river, the Umpqua River.  There's elk viewing stations along the road and herds of 50 and more elk.  At first I thought they were laying down because I couldn't see their legs, but then I noticed they were moving.  The grass was so high, up to their armpits (if elk have armpits).  It looked like a sea of elk, really cool.  This is a sportman's paradise, the fishing, boating, camping, very rustic and serene.  A place to really get away from it all, but I wonder how many people really want to get away from here. It's one of those places that's great to visit but....

They don't believe in shoulders on the road here in Oregon, just big drops off the side into the river or the woods.  Gotta be careful on those turns.  Lots of loose, wet gravel on the sides, too.

Still in the mountains, now we're following the Elk river, this is a pretty green, too.  Lots of cabins with smoke coming from the chimneys, it's sunny but a bit chilly this morning.  Finally got to I-5, we haven't been on an interstate since San Diego and I forgot how boring they can be.  Lots of sheep farms, cows, horses, not much else, but it's easier to drive, not up and down mountains.  Mountains are still around just in the distance more and these are snow covered. Mount Hood is just east of us.

From Eugene to Salem the traffic started to build and after Salem it got much heavier.  We decided to stay about 10 miles south of Portland so we wouldn't have to go through Friday night rush hour traffic.  Stopped early, about 2, but it's a beautiful day, turned out to be about 65 so we can relax at the campground. 

Decided to go to the local Mexican restaurant, El Sol de Mexico, and WOW, it's really Mexican. All the staff looked and sounded like they just arrived.  I'm new to Mexican food, never really tried it 'til San Antonio and decided we liked it but I still don't know the difference between an enchilada, burrito, taco, fajita, tostada, tamale and what ever else so I was asking the waiter, who finally asked me "Where are you from?" I really felt like a Mexican food virgin.  I should have said "Mars". So we ended up with enchiladas, beans and rice and it was wonderful.

Tomorrow we'll try to navigate Portland.

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