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Harry and Judy's RV Trip
No Photos 29th May 2011 - Summer 2011
Day 43-It's always good to have a Plan B

Started to snow this morning just as we were getting ready to leave but it didn’t seem to be sticking to the ground. When we got to the gate at Yellowstone the ranger told us a pass was closed on the route we needed to take to Jackson and we would have to go around (which was 30 miles out of our way) and the road we needed to take south of that would probably be closed by the time we got there. In the time it took her to tell us that the snow started to mount up and you could hardly see your hand in front of your face. We also heard there’s a 10% downgrade mountain through the Tetons. So, not being stupid all of the time, we initiated Plan B and turned around and started back the way we came to Route 20 thinking we would take that south, then go east to Jackson and avoid the Tetons. We forgot that Route 20 is the Targhee Pass and the same road we hit snow on coming in. Found out they also close this pass when it gets bad, glad we got out when we did. So, Harry drove over an hour through blizzard conditions down the mountain. Once we got to Idaho Falls it got better and warmer (up to 42 from 33) and the snow turned to rain.
At this point we totally rethought Grand Teton National Park and decided to continue to southern Idaho but, having trouble finding a campground we pushed on to Salt Lake City, Utah where we found a great campground that we were planning on staying in two days from now. We’re here for two nights, maybe more, depending on what we want to see here, if they can find room for more nights (they’re really busy) and whether or not it’s warm enough here. It only got to 48 today, they say that’s really unusual, but there’s a big black cloud that’s been following us. They had to close the interstate last week because of a storm. I can’t believe 48 degrees feels warm to me but it does. Traveled 320 miles today in 7 hours, didn’t stop too much and got here about 5PM. Went through four states today, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho and Utah.
They have an outdoor heated pool here, that’s up to 95 degrees. Hmmmm…..

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