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Harry and Judy's RV Trip
No Photos 31st May 2011 - Summer 2011
Day 45-Salt Lake City

Did we have a great day today! You Betcha!!!!
Gorgeous day today, got up to 78 and sunny. Drove into Salt Lake City which was only 10 minutes from the campground. Parked right across the street from Temple Square and started at one of the two visitor centers. This one had beautiful artwork of sculpture of Jesus’ life. Had a small scale model of Jerusalem and lots of church history. Salt Lake was founded in 1847 by Brigham Young as a place for his Mormon religion to flourish and today that’s what Salt Lake City is all about, the Mormon faith. Plenty of missionaries around everywhere to help, usually young girls from all over the world, they’re here for 18 months and then they return to their home. They’ll give you a tour all around the city if you want.
There were quite a few weddings taking place for a Tues., but we found out that it’s really quite common to have a wedding on a week-day, especially in the Temple, which is closed on Sunday. You can only go into the temple if you’re a member of the church but there’s a great model of it, inside and out, in the second visitor center. A reception was being held in the old Utah Hotel but we decided not to crash it. Got a great view of the city from the 10th floor of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building.
We went into the Mormon Tabernacle for an organ recital. The 150 yr. old organ has 11,623 pipes ranging from 32’ to ¾” over a five tier keyboard. Before the recital the organist gave a demonstration of the acoustics, which are the best in the world. He turned off the mike and dropped three straight pins, a nail, and ripped a piece of paper in half, all of which were heard quite well from 170’.
He then played a few pieces to demonstrate the range and it was wonderful. They had colored lighting in the background which accentuated everything. Quite an experience. This is where the360 member Mormon Tabernacle Choir performs, they have open rehearsals on Thurs. nights and a live radio performance on Sunday mornings (both of which we missed). Later in the day we went to the Convention Center which has a bigger auditorium (it seats 21,000) but the organ is smaller and the acoustics are not as good. There’s a garden on the roof of the Convention center and more sculpture. The place is huge, lots of history. There’s no dirt in these gardens, they use ground slate so there’s no weeds or pests (plus it’s on the roof and dirt is heavy). There’s also recycled water throughout the city which originates in this building and fountains all over the place.

Had lunch at Lionshead, which is in one of the original houses of Brigham Young, the founder, and then we toured his house which had some original pieces in it. From there went to the Geneology Building where you can research ancestry. Again, lots of helpful people, this time geneologists, usually older men. They were very helpful and we were able to get on websites that generally cost to log on to. I was amazed to find my grandfather’s last name spelled Prestori. I saw the original paperwork from the 1910 census and I can see how they thought it was spelled like that, maybe that’s even the original spelling. I knew it was changed but I never saw it spelled like that.
The flowers in the city are unbelievable. There are hundreds of volunteers (usually young girls) planting annuals all over town (Harry wondered if maybe this was some kind of penance, to me it would be heaven). There’s tulips in every color, lots of columbine, irises, pansies, petunias and all kinds of spring flowers and gardens and waterfalls and fountains. The aroma is wonderful from all of the flowers. Lots of construction going on in the city, too.
We spent pretty much all day there and on the way home drove up a mountain that is across the street from the campground and has houses on top. We never figured out how to get to the houses on the top but the hills were incredible. Don’t know how they get up (or down) in the winter. Came back to camp and did laundry. Heading to Bryce Canyon National Park tomorrow.

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