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Harry and Judy's RV Trip
No Photos 8th Jun 2011 - Summer 2011
Day 53-Harry's Birthday and Fremont St. Experience

What a beautiful day again, hot but dry during the day, OK as long as you're not trekking through town and once the sun goes down, wonderful!

Stuck around the campground all day reading (found a nice shady spot), catching up on e-mails and some house(?) straightening up.  Didn't leave the campground 'til after 8PM and then went to Circus Circus for Harry's birthday cake.  Went to Rock and Rita's and ordered the chocolate cake dessert thingy for 2.  Turned out to be more like for 4 with 3 scoops of ice cream, so we brought over half of it home.  Dropped some coins in the slots and Harry was a winner tonight-collectively we're up thirty cents since we got here.  Saw another circus act and then moved on to Fremont St. We actually know how to get around Circus Circus without getting lost now, guess if you spend enough time in any casino you get to know it.

Drove to Fremont St. Experience which is only about 2 miles away. Fremont St. is where the builders of the Hoover Dam came to spend their money on gambling and prostitutes so this part of Vegas is a bit gaudier and baudier than the Strip and maybe even more glitzier.  It's nicknamed Glitty Gulch.  It's a 4 block street with an overhead electric canopy that has over 12.5 million lights.  The theme this summer is 80's music and there were at least 4 bands throughout playing music, vendors, big casinos and restaurants, souvenir shops, street entertainers (we saw a guy playing pots and pans like drums who was really good), costumed characters, Elvis, Zorro, Brett Michaels, Michael Jackson, Mr. T., Obama, Jack Sparrow, some gladiators, some undefinables, some showgirls, some buxom babes and my all time favorites, Batman & Robin, to name a few. Old casinos here, Binions, The Golden Nugget, Four Queens and they have original 40's, 50's and 60's signs, and lots of booths. There's a zip line that goes from one end of the canopy to the other above the streets and the venue (we passed on that).  For 6 minutes every hour they turn the lights off and the canopy has a computer generated graphics show, the one we saw was a tribute to KISS. Quite a cool experience, had a great time.

Got back to the campground late, but hey, this is Vegas, Baby!  Their motto is "sleep when you get back home".

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Diary Movies

Band at Fremont St.

Circus Act

Zip line under canopy

KISS on canopy

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