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Harry and Judy's RV Trip
No Photos 10th Jun 2011 - Summer 2011
Day 55-The truck's fixed, Hooray!!!

It's pretty sad when you're in Las Vegas and the thing you're most excited about is having your truck fixed. But that's how we feel. 

We went back to Silverton's Casino today and lost some more money.  Enjoyed doing it, though, it's a fun place.  Spent a couple hours there, then went to the free buffet again (but had no breakfast first). We then drove to Nellis Air Force Base in No. Las Vegas.  Somebody told us they do flyovers with new fangled jets.  We saw some jets but none were flying because they were having graduation today. We knew the base was near the Ford dealer that was fixing the truck (one of the reasons we went there) so it wasn't a far ride when they called to say it was done. 

We had some time to kill so we stopped in at the Cannery Casino and gave them one last shot at giving us our money back. This time I won about $10, all in all it cost us less to gamble in Las Vegas for 5 days then it would have cost for us to go to the movies once. And we got free meals and free entertainment to boot. Can't complain.

Ford didn't call us 'til after 5PM, so we drove over, returned the rental which was right next door and picked up the truck.  We both felt really great that we can now get on with our trip. Vegas was better than we both thought, if we hadn't stayed as long as we did we would have missed seeing quite a bit, but we don't like staying in one place too long and five days in Vegas was too long.  We got to know our way around and even learned some short cuts. Hope we don't get this antsy in Sedona, we're supposed to be there for 7 nights.

It was a beautiful day again but I think a bit hotter than it's been.  Tonight the crowds are larger, probably because it's the week-end.

So, we left our money in Las Vegas but not at the Casinos, at the Ford dealer.

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