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Harry and Judy's RV Trip
No Photos 15th Jun 2011 - 16th Jun 2011 - Summer 2011
Days 60-61-Sedona

Wednesday-This is the day that we would ordinarily leave to go to the next stop but we have this condo for a week so here we stay. We went to the car wash this morning to get some of the grime off the truck, then took a ride south heading toward Montezuma’s castle which is built in the side of a mountain. Stopped at Chapel of the Holy Cross first, a Catholic chapel built in the side of a mountain. Lots of stuff built into mountain sides here. Passed through the Village of Oak Creek which is a smaller version of Sedona but it’s more residential than resorts. We drove through some of the developments and the homes are mostly Pueblo style with flat roofs, painted tans, browns and reds to blend into the sandstone mountains, very pretty. The yards are mostly stone, no grass and very little upkeep, nice looking too. Might look into this in FL if the grass keeps presenting problems. Continuing on our way to Montezuma’s the temperature reached 100 and we decided we didn’t want to climb another mountain in 100 degrees so we turned around and came back to Sedona, where it is a bit cooler, although it really isn’t that uncomfortable with no humidity, I think the humidity was 11% today. Stopped by Angel’s Mexican for a late lunch (we should be speaking Mexican by the time we get home) and then went back to the condo and sat by the pool and read for a while. Beautiful at night here, the moon is huge and full, the stars are all out and it’s breezy, dry and cooler, probably only about 70.
Thursday-Did our tour of the resort today and they tried to sell us into ownership-never did understand the terms but we went in knowing we weren’t buying anything. There really was no pressure but from looking at the salesreps we realized there’s a lot of people who can’t afford living here and had to get another job after retirement. We spoke to one man who was interviewing for a job (Harry later saw him and he got the job) who must have been at least 75 who said he couldn’t afford his mortgage and one of the salespeople we spoke to was 80 if she was a day. There’s a lot to be said for living within your means. They gave us a $50 gift card, a 3 day, 2 night stay at one of their properties anywhere we want to be done later and $50 toward a restaurant, plus it killed an hour and a half and we saw more of the resort.
Harry changed the air filter on the truck and I did some laundry-we found out there’s a washer/dryer right in our condo behind a door we didn’t open at first, thinking it was a closet. Nixed the dryer,just hung stuff outside on the patio and in 10 minutes-Poof, dry!!!
Going now to run some errands, take some stuff back to the RV to make it easier on Sat., maybe take in a movie, then back to the condo for dinner. Hot today, 93, but I heard it was 111 in Phoenix yesterday. Like I said, it’s comfortable here. We’re more than ready to leave here, it’s pretty but I’m almost getting tired of the pretty red rocks, time to move on.

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