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Harry and Judy's RV Trip
No Photos 26th Jun 2011 - Summer 2011
Day 71-Kansas to Oklahoma to Arkansas

AC worked fine last night, it was nice and cool all night and we slept well. Got up early and left about 8:30-it was already 90 degrees and oppressive out. Took the Cimarron Parkway to Tulsa (which is bigger than I thought) and at first we went through more flat corn fields and farms but as we got closer to Tulsa we started seeing trees and hills which lasted through all 4-1/2 hours of Oklahoma and into Arkansas. The only interesting thing we saw was just as we got on I-40 going over a bridge on the Arkansas River right near the Sequoyah Nat’l. Wildlife Refuge and big bald eagle flew right over the river and us. Other than that the trip was non-eventful. We continued to listen to a book on tape, James Patterson’s “Judge and Jury”. It’s pretty good, and quite long, this is our third day on the same book.
Stopped at a Cracker Barrel for lunch because it was 102 and too hot to eat in the trailer. Harry needed a break from driving too, it’s a long day. We decided to keep driving because it’s too hot to stop and see anything. Not that there’s anything to see here anyway, so we might as well keep driving to get back to Florida sooner where it’s cooler. Anybody who thinks Florida is hot in the summer should try Kansas, OK and AR, it’s really hot here. Ended up driving 358 miles in 8 hours, like I said, a long day. When we stopped at the campground about 50 miles west of Little Rock at 5Pm it was 105. At least the wind isn’t as bad here as in Kansas, it’s a nice breeze, but still hot.
Made pork chops for dinner which was nuts because it just heated the RV up more. Should have had salad or ice cubes or something cold. Sitting outside now, the sun is down and it’s bearable. We haven’t been able to have camp fires because of the drought. In Colorado, there’s a $1000 fine and jail time for any open fire. Too hot anyway.
Heading toward Tennessee tomorrow, staying on I-40 to make better time, the goal is to stop a little west of Nashville, then make it a short drive day to Nashville on Tues.

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