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Harry and Judy's RV Trip
No Photos 27th Jun 2011 - Summer 2011
Day 72-To Tennessee

Couldn’t leave Kansas, Oklahoma and Arkansas fast enough, the plains just weren’t for us. This is the first time since we passed through New Orleans over ten weeks ago that we were on a road we’ve been on before, I-40 east of Memphis. Everything else was new territory, and everything from here to home will be familiar.
Drove 356 miles in 7 hours today. Tried to make it to Nashville but about 50 miles west decided to stop for the night in Dickson, TN. Campground is great, little place run by Richard and his little dog, Harley (I think Harley’s the boss). It’s right off I-40 but ¼ one way and then ¼ mile another way and you’d never know you’re near a highway, really quiet, lush green grass. They just had a lot of rain and they’re complaining that they can’t keep up mowing it. Most of the places we’ve just been would kill for rain right now. Lots of robins here, too. Got here early, about 4:30, set up and read and relaxed for a while. Cooler here, only 89 when we stopped and there’s a nice cool breeze, not a blast from a furnace. Nice big trees and shade, too, haven’t seen that for a while, just like the green grass.
The trip on I-40 was really boring, we went through towns like Toad Suck, ARK and Bucksnort, TN. Went into TN when we crossed over the Mississippi River in Memphis and turned 10,000 miles on this trip just about the same time. We didn’t stop in Memphis but it brought back memories of last year when we stayed here for a few days and saw the Peabody Hotel ducks, Elvis and had BBQ ribs, beer and music on Beale St. P.S.-Cody’s ribs are better. There’s signs all the way on I-40 between Memphis and Nashville proclaiming this stretch as the Music Highway. Lots of music history here. After dinner went outside and watched stars for a while. At 8:15 it’s starting to get dark, unlike where we’ve been for the past few days when at 10PM it’s still got some light in the sky.
We’ve got a campsite reserved for the next two nights in Nashville, liked it so much last year we’re going back. And we have tickets for the Grand Ole Opry for tomorrow night. Should be an easy driving day, only about an hour away.

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