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Dora The Explorer
25th Oct 2006
I thought I had left the rain behind in Cardiff.

So its taken a few days to get there but finally with some patient blokes at the hostel and a card reader later my piccies are up and running. David Bailey (r.i.p) here comes Dora the explorer.

Left Heathrow laughing out loud as the weather was grim and I was dangerously smug at the chance of some hot sunshine and clear skies. I even splashed out on some Ray-Bans in anticipation- I had been dreaming of the sun whilst being squashed on the tube during weekday rush hour. Alas this is not the case, and as I write this am sitting like a drenched rat with my pack-a-mac and wet white lacoste trainers. As British as possibly could be - no wonder the asians laugh at us.

The hostel itself is as basic as basic can be, we have no bed covers or storage space -Am I too old for this I ask?!! ..but as least I cant see any cockroaches yet.

Yvette is chuffed to bits as the Malaysian flag bears an uncanny resemblance to the Portsmouth Pompey F.C symbol - she's taking pictures left, right and centre. There is no way I am going to be dragged in front of the tv watching footy whilst travelling..we've a wager on it.

Immediately upon arrival we made the mistake of being mega friendly at the hostel. As a result we were tailed by a nutter for the day, this wasn't needed whilst suffering with extreme jet lag. He even came to the supermarket with us and recommended me the best brand of hair conditioner. Why are the Brits so polite? Even this morning we took it in turns for 'look-out' duty and legged it when the coast was was like escape from alcatraz.

Kuala Lumpar is a strange city, a melting pot of cultures and strange smells! The drains stink from all the floods yet people think nothing of enjoying their lunch sitting right next to reminds me of the raw meat smell you get at a butchers.

After recovering from jet leg this morning and being woken up by the KL local brass band banging their symbols (its festival everywhere) we decided to start exploring. We have had a nightmare trying to change money as everything is completely shut due to numerous religious festivals -its a 4 day holiday.

After dodging the torrential downpours which occur every hour or so we ventured to Chinatown. Its a fantastic place with stalls displaying everything from fake gucci to live chickens, however you get hassled constantly...not that we needed any encouragement for buying some tat.

This was our first 'girly' shopping & drinking expedition - Tiger Beer is as cheap as chips so it seems rude not too. Also as its so hot and sticky I am thinking the liquid diet is far more appealing than eating...poor Yvette is a vegetarian - this is a lost cause for her here. 'Road Kill de jour' is dished up at every hawker stall and restaurant that I have seen so far. Tiger Beer for breakfast, lunch and dinner it is then.

We are off to Penang tomorrow for a few days and onto Langkawi also-in the hope of acting out a scene from'the beach'..back on the 28th -my birthday so hoping to find some decent boozers by that time.. Hoping the hostels are better than our dive!!! Watch this space

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Diary Photos

I'll have the vegetarian option please.

More Tea please vicar

Chopstick Virgin

Happy Hour Tiger Beer

Better than grafitti!

Kuala Lumpar Tower

Where's the dish washer?

Little Buddha's... two for a pound

Miss KL wet-shirt competition 1996



Temple exterior

I was actually sober when this was taken.

Happy hour again.

Treading the Boards.

Broadway Malaysian Styley

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