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Dora The Explorer
No Photos 7th Nov 2006
Not Bed bugs again

Leaving thier house fairly p@@sed and feeling quite mellow Dave drove us to our hostel- we were failry confident that the hostels in Aus were all fairly contemporay... nice trendy bars, nice rooms and lots of internet access etc... On arrival we were taken to our room.. dont forget its Melbourne Cup week so everybody is out to the races dressed in their finest ( think ascot but slighty hotter- just- its bloody freezing) so the bar downstairs is banging.

We had requested all an-girl dorm as too old to share with blokes who I am not in relationships with or who arent mates..the door was answered by a spotty youth in his boxers who had to push all the clothes out of the way to actually open the door. 'Excuse me mate- think we are sleeping in here tonight- its all birds isnt it?'

He answered quite sheepishly 'er yeah its meant to be- he was quite obs keeping the company of one of the young frauliens in the top -bunk' and we had caught them playing hide the sausage. Bloody hell Rodney this all we need I thought- she then proceeded to explain herself fell on deaf ears.

So armed with lots of goodwill and alcohol we managed to get ourselves into another nicer hostel which fleeced us 4o quid each for the pleasure ( melbourne cup week) and got some much needed shut-eye

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