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Peter and Terry's Adventures
15th Jan 2012 - 17th Jan 2012
City Life?

Sunday was celebrated with Brunch (also called Brunch in Spanish, though the term tarde desayuno is also used) at the Panza Verde. This is one of the BEST restaurants, not only in Antigua, but is listed as one of the top in Guatemala. We were invited by new friends Lyne and Uwe. Very good, but with prices to match.

Monday, of course was Spanish Class again, and I was grilled (and had to answer in Spanish) all about Friday's party, Saturday's trip to the market, and Sunday's brunch. It's a challenge, and my notebook is getting filled with new vocabulary and phrases. Monday was "the future tense" which is remarkably like English - I am going to walk translates into Voy a caminar... My tutor had trouble understanding that in English we often say "I am going to go to the store", as the construction Voy a ir a la tienda is unusual. Well, so he said... Earlier in the day I had navigated the phone store (mostly in Spanish) and bought an inexpensive local phone - it's so much simpler that way! Took a while, but I was able to set the prompts to English to make operations simpler for us. I know - that's cheating...

Monday night was the Gourmand Club dinner, a gathering of "people who like to eat" and a very fine meal with around 55 other friends and acquaintances. Our table was fun.

Some of the pictures are of street scenes in the city - loads of different modes of transportation.

Tuesday Terry walked up to Cerro de la Cruz, which overlooks the city from the north with some spectacular views

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Diary Photos

Brunch crowd at Panza Verde

Lunch at Panza Verde

Entry to Panza Verde

Lillies and Birds of Parasdise

Spoils from the Market

Buying a Phone

Local Inter town bus

Tuk Tuks for in the city

And scooters

Overlooking Antiga with Aqua in the background

La Merced

Cerro de la Cruz

The city

At Cerro de la Cruz

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