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Globetrotting with Shanpam
6th Jun 2012 - Shanpams travelling adventure
Our Van

After spending a third of our Australian adventure in our campervan it was time to sell up our home. We had a great time and experience travelling around- surprising really as it was just an ex tradies van but the bed was comfortable (for the majority), had enough storage to keep all our crap hidden and apart from the odd tyre trouble the engine went a treat (and apart from using the choke to start it).We enjoyed endless hours chilling in the back watching DVD box sets and munching our way through far too many chunky soups and pasta dishes, shapes and Eat Natural sweets, cans of coke and solo.

So here's a list of our vans facts and figures....

28/01/2012 - 12/06/2012 - how long we owned the van
12/02/2012 - 12/06/2012 - how long we travelled
4 months - travelling, or
17 weeks                   or
119 nights

75 - nights sleeping in the van
44 - nights sleeping out the van, in either...
6 - campsites
12 - at family and friends houses
20 - in NZ
5 - hostels
7 - tours

196,500 - kilometres on the clock when bought
215,000 - kilometres on clock at end
18,500 - total kilometres driven

2 - services
5 - tyre changes
136.9 - dollars per litre cheapest fuel (most cities)
240.0 - dollars per litre most expensive fuel (Uluru)
$80.00 - to fill tank
550 - km a tank
34 - average times filled up with petrol 
$2,720 - fuel cost

($7,980 - price if renting a van for duration, with no change)
$5,300 - price we paid for van
$4,000 - price we sold the van

Shanpam - with love x

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Diary Photos
6th Jun 2012  The vast land of the outback

6th Jun 2012  Our home for 4 months

6th Jun 2012  

6th Jun 2012  Driving

6th Jun 2012  Lots of ground to cover

6th Jun 2012  Sunset as we drove

6th Jun 2012  Driving

6th Jun 2012  Wakening up to this view...

6th Jun 2012  Outback road sign

6th Jun 2012  A tidy van

6th Jun 2012  Relaxing- its a long way

6th Jun 2012  Last time driving the van

6th Jun 2012  Outback driving

6th Jun 2012  The Great Ocean Road

6th Jun 2012  Chillin

6th Jun 2012  Our humble abode

6th Jun 2012  Happy camper

6th Jun 2012  Outback road signs

6th Jun 2012  My turn to drive

6th Jun 2012  Bush fires in the outback

6th Jun 2012  Our rego

6th Jun 2012  Me just wakening up

6th Jun 2012  Which way? All ways!

6th Jun 2012  Yum yum it's soup again

6th Jun 2012  Mmm what's for dinner?

6th Jun 2012  My hero taking more than his fair share of driving

6th Jun 2012  Outback South Australia

6th Jun 2012  Dinner time

6th Jun 2012  Driving

6th Jun 2012  Chillin in the van

6th Jun 2012  What a view

6th Jun 2012  Jeezo!

6th Jun 2012  Dinner in the van

6th Jun 2012  Leaving our flat to live in the van

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