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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 26th Jun 2012
Tuesday 26 June 2012

Tuesday 26 june 2012
Well day 4, we have arrived at our new spot on the other side of the island what a journey it took almost 5 hours, but we arrived safe, even though there sure was some hairy experiences.
We had huge swells with the boat rocking from side to side so bad that water was coming through the hatches, which we forgot to close, which resulted in only the bathroom getting soaked thank god, but it's a bit scary to see waves coming through into your boat.
Then we had wind gust of 28 knots not good either but the surge changed and instead of the boat rocking from side to side we where kinda surfing into the waves which I know sounds scary but I kinda Liked it.
So we had it all programmed into the nav thingy then just set the auto pilot and off she goes even though we did not have the sails up as we just motored but that was enough for now.
We had to come into this side of the island in a very narrow channel which we stressed about a fair bit before we took off, and to be honest all the stress was warranted, man it was so shallow that at one stage I could not even look at the depth sounder, it just scared me so much we should have ran aground and could not believe we didn't. Vic has just said that we got down to .03 of a meter.
He said he was stressing so much that the hair on the back of his neck was standing straight out, am so glad he told me that
Oh  by the way we have worked out that the depth sounder measures from the base of the keel so the depth of the water was not as bad as we first thought.
So we finally found a bouy to tie up too then went exploring into the little town in the dingy as we can not get Internet on the boat here but it's so calm here and we are the only ones in the whole area just know we are going to sleep well tonight.
Well I have to go am cooking up a whole heap of chicken as the freezer decided to stop working and most of the food started to defrost, the joys of owning a boat I guess stuff just goes wrong all he time.
Oh and I saw my first flying fish today was so cool at first I thought they were birds then as the dived back into the water I realized what they were.
Well tomorrow is another day.

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