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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 28th Jun 2012
Thursday 28 June 2012

Thursday 28 June 2012

Well another day another wash, all the towels this time man this was hard work, I thought the clothes were bad, but trying to wash towels in a bucket and then trying to ring them out, as u can imagine my hands are hurting so bad, but hey I did it.
So we decided to go back into town to see if we can fix this Internet problem we have, we got a prepaid sim card as we have three different devices and just thought one of them at least would work, yes?
So off we go armed with laptop, iPad, phone and the three devices, all in a waterproof bag of cause.
The little computer place that we went to first could not help so we caught a bus into the next town where we got the sim card the first time, They call it a bus but here on the island they are actually little mini vans that run all over the island every 15 mins or so, which is hard to work out as most people drive mini vans too, u know u have the right one when they stop for u, lol
We made it to the shop and the young guy who sold us the sim yesterday was still there damn, mister personality plus, but he surprised us and went out of his way to help he could not get Vic's laptop to work so out comes my iPad no battery left but they managed to plug it in and finally after what seemed like hours we got it working thank god so off we go and sit next door at subway to use there free wifi as we don't have a huge amount of data on ours.
Turn on Vic's laptop which I might had only has one bar of power left too, god knows why we did not charge them both before we left.
Well Vic's laptop could  not open a web page, far out am starting to stress now, so off we go back to the shop, am sure the young guy thinks we are idiots by now, but he has a look and somehow the device we were using had changed the settings after a little bit he has fixed it all.
Off we go again back on the bus back on the dingy and back on the boat,
Can u see why we get so tired and this is all done in extreme heat, are we having fun yet?
After all that drama we are back have all three computers working online so we are happy campers.
Next drama the dingy leaks Vic has worked out it's the plug that has broken so race around trying to get a new plug and can not find one yet, then we start the generator and it makes a funny noise, we have run out of diesel now that's major as Vic needs to hand pump fuel from one tank to the next which do not work so well, I kinda stay away from all this as he gets himself in quit a state and is not happy.
So all fixed he is sweating like crazy goes to have a shower we have run out of water....I so want to laugh but I'm sure if I do I will be made to walk the plank.
Tomorrow is another day.

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