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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 29th Jun 2012
Friday 29 June 2012

Friday 29 June 2012
We have to move the boat today as the bouy we are on belongs to the local sailing club and they need it for there races, they came on there boat to ask us if we could moved it today which is fine and suggested to go to Camana bay, it is supposed to be a very happening place with the biggest shopping mall in the whole Caribbean, so we thought we would take the dingy in and have a look first, well over an hour of searching we found the entrance and made it up the long canal.
If this is the most happening place I sure would hate to see the quiet ones.
It just had really expensive shops and was dead hardly anyone around, I wanted to get some touristy things for the kids and some lozenges yeah I know I still use them I think it would be easier just to smoke again.
So after trekking all over the place we decided to catch one of there little bus/mini vans into Georgetown as we know they have everything we need there.
Oh I also wanted to get some sand and shells off the beach it's another little thing I wanna do at each place we stop, I can see the look on Vic's face.... Hahahaha lucky he love me.
So we get there get sand and shells from the beach Vic bitching cause it was so hot, Me not game too but oh so wanted to.
Found a coffee mug for Bek, a shot glass for Madd, and a keyring for Tim, I wanted to get Marion and Robin something too but the look on the captain's face ....well I will find them something special on our travels.
Ok four things checked now to find the lozenges, man I should just smoke again, we walked for ever found a little bar on the water front had a very cold cocktail a nice chat with the bar man, and looked over the very calm water where we moved five hours from a few days before.
That just made us feel so much worse .....hahaha
We even considered moving back there.
Well i'm not sure how long it took us to find the lozenges but it felt like hours walking in the heat but I have two packets now, and it all seems better now that we are back on the boat and have had cold showers and sitting having a quiet drink on deck.
Oh we moved the boat as well just down a little bit from the bouy, it's a bit rocky but not too bad.
Well tomorrow is another day.

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