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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 30th Jun 2012
Saturday 30 July 2012

Saturday 30 july 2012
Well another day been up early again, and not much sleep, am getting into a pattern here that I'm not so sure I like.
Vic has a terrible rash all over we are sure it's a heat rash and I have broken out in pimples from the heat as well.
So today I spend almost 10 hours cleaning and de anting the lockers in the galley and the dinette that's shippy for dining room so the captain says I think it sounds like a 50's restaurant.
I took everything out of all the lockers threw away all the stuff that had ants in them and even the stuff that looked like it did, I HATE ANTS.
Man it was a mess I also cleaned them and sprayed with surface spray for bugs put down ant traps and also cockroach traps.
With any luck a may have got on top of them, I sure hope so.
Vic did a lot too, what, am not so sure but he sure is busy with the boat all day.
So after a very long sweaty dirty day, I cooked a lite tea, while Vic had a shower then he starts the generater  and watermaker there is a funny noise, so Vic makes a mad dash to see what is happening yeap the watermaker is not working again, and guess what we have no water so no shower.
Am not happy Jan.
He manages to switch tanks so I can have a shower after a few hours which was so nice.
When things like this happen and the poor captain is up to his eye balls in tools bilges and sweat, I take off, he never goes off but as a very serious pissed off look on his face. I wish I could help but I know nothing about engines and things so I just go up on deck and enjoy the cool breeze and let him fight the inner workings of the ship we have got ourselves, am so so sure at times like this he wishes we had a
Well tomorrow is another day.

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