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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 1st Jul 2012
Sunday 01 July 2012

Sunday 01 July, 2012
Well another hot day,
I cleaned out the captains desk and the saloon was not quite as bad as I thought still hunting and killing ants, man this boat must be just a floating ants nest.
Went into town to see if we could fix this Internet thing no such luck yet,
The guy told us we should be able to do it online well u can't and being a Sunday everything closes here as they are quite religious, and we found out tomorrow is a public holiday.
AnyWay tomorrow we will go in and buy some more groceries and hook up with the shores free wifi and hope on Tuesday we can work it all out.
So back to the boat, I had my first lesson in dingy driving and was going good until we hit turtle weed and Vic had to take over, me nil turtle weed one.
It was so hot that we took our first official first swim in the ocean, which is a drama as Vic broke the swim ladder the first time we tried to use it, that's why we have not swam yet, and it's way to high to climb back on board without one actually it gives u a gym workout even using the ladder.
So many ropes and bad language yeah he uses it even though he thinks it's only me who does.
Well I have to say even though it's a bit scary and I was waiting for a shark to get me the swim was great and the water is warm, was nice.
So back on deck I decided to cook a damper and I had taken out some ham to defrost for tea, I put the ham in the oven as well to cook it slightly while the damper cooked, went to check to see how all was going and opened the door right on a wave swell and u guessed it the ham tray and all flew out across the floor, f....k what a mess, at this rate not much is gonna get cooked I can tell u.
So salvaged the ham cleaned up the mess, cursing the whole time Vic disappearing real quick and of cause being an unknown oven which a lot of us woman can relate too, the damper burnt....a bit more cussing went on here....
But we still ate it with gritty
Tried to sleep in our cabin last night as Vic wanted us too, it did not go down so well it was so hot and stuffy and I felt like I was in a coffin,
Was horrible and I had a panic attack and could not breathe and climbed out with my pillows tucked under my arm and came back up on deck where it,s much cooler and open.
Well tomorrow is another day.

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