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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 2nd Jul 2012
Monday 02 July 2012

Monday 02 July 2012

Started the day in tears, I think things are just a bit too much at the moment am a bit of a emotional wreak.
So things should of got better from here....hell no.
Just when u think things can't get any worse....think again.
We have dragged the anchor, now u may be thinking that's ok just move a bit and reset it, yeah we thought the same, but we are in very shallow water as it is.
Now the drama starts, first Vic can't loosen the ropes around the anchor, and when he finally gets it free we have hit bottom and are stuck hard.
Bad hey it gets worse, the cayman island fire emergency crew just happened to be going past in their boat so we waved them over to see if they could help tow us back to deep water.
So after much hauling and us in reverse going flat out we made it, everyone is smiling so they untie the rope and ask me to untie the other end, but guess what they let go of their end and so do I.
We are still going in reverse as well so guess where the rope ends up around the propeller.....far out can it get any worse?
So they leave us to it with a promise if we need help getting the rope off to radio them.
So poor Vic who is already exhausted jumps overboard goggles snorkel and flippers oh and a one very large knife, to try and undo the mess we were in, it's starting to get really rough and he decides to get out the real stuff,
diving equipment, and would u believe it there is a bit missing so he can't use it...I think he would kill the previous owners right at this moment.
Meanwhile we have drifted back into shallow waters and are stuck hard again, so we call up the fire rescue they come out again this time with divers they take ages to get the rope undone but managed to in the end.
then we have to get the anchor up so they can tow us back into the deep again, half way through this the anchor winch snaps so now, We have to drag it up by hand.
So all going ok but no matter how hard they try we are stuck hard, they leave us again and said they will come back when the high tide gets here, so after hours Vic gets a spare anchor out the back of the boat and set so when the tide hits we won,t go anywhere.
At the moment we are listing over on one side so bad I'm scared we are going to go right over.
Vic has just gone in the dingy to shore to get weather update and a few things as we just heard on the radio of severe weather coming our way.....far out.
Am sitting here by myself scared.
The captain didn't abandon ship after all, was a bit worried for awhile there he checked the weather and emails and got a few groceries the weather was fine so that was a plus.
The tied was coming up too and we are starting to straighten up which feels a lot better even though we are still on the bottom.
I guy and his son come over in a dingy to see if we were ok and said not to trust the fire guys as they don't know much about boats he ran the harbor guys and they came out.
Rescue number 3
Well these guy wanted to do all dumb things had some crazy ideas, Vic suggested to just pull the nose around and she should come free, guess what it worked thank god big sighs of relief all round, next problem it's getting rough and we have them towing us and wanted us to let go of the back anchor and the guy in his dingy will pick it up, good plan this is a 2nd spare anchor that u should not have to use much and the problem is it has about a hundred meters of rope on it and it's a big thick rope.
So Vic at the wheel and me trying as fast as I can to let it all out overboard.
Far out who needs a gym, am gonna have big guns....hahaha
So the rescue mob go and get the anchor and rope, to get it back on board this is huge as I'm at the wheel now and have to keep the boat in a straight line while they try and get it all over to us, man that was so hard to do, u have to remember she is a big boat with big heavy equipment I can't even budge that anchor, but all is done so with a new heading set we motor off to find the local yacht club to tie up too and do some repairs, so we limp in more the sailors than the boat although she is very messy with rope and tools and stuff all over deck, and a broken boat hook which means we can't pick up a bouy so have to tie up to the jetty/sea wall thingy, but we make it at about 9pm and are met with a young man saying he is the  harbor  master and a security guard and once we tie up he will talk, far out we do not need this after the last 15 hours we have just been through.
But Sheldon is our new best friend what a nice guy and could not be more helpful if he tried.
After a few very stiff drinks we are turning in.
Well tomorrow is another day.

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