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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 8th Jul 2012
Sunday 08 July 2012

Sunday 08 July 2012

Well quiet day on the island not much is opened today as they are very religious and everything stops from midnight Saturday till around 1pm Sunday, then they are allowed to drink alcohol, seems funny to us but it's the way they live it's kinda nice in an old fashion way.
We had lunch with Sheldon his wife and two kids today at her parents restaurant, this is a local only place not a touristy place so we got to taste there typical food and life style what nice people.
Sheldon was given some barracuda  from a friend so they 
test it to make sure it does not have that poison not sure. The name of it but it's quite common here, so what they do they cut a piece off each fish and lay it where there are ants and see what happens, so a little while later we go have a look the pieces are covered in ants well one more so than the other but it's a good sign that the fish is ok, just leave it a bit longer and see.
Than about 30 mins later we go have another look and most of the ants are dead serious they were curled up in balls everywhere, we were all shocked, now these fish were huge and would of feed two family's for days, but u can't eat them, it's such a shame, but getting poisoned from these is so bad it can take years to recover.
I want to take some back to the boat could be a good way of getting rid of our
The sad thing is this poison is caused by man, from the lead that leaches out of ships that have sunk and all the oil and diesel from the ships that come and go from the port.
Anyway after all that and a nice lunch we went back to there house and Sheldon showed us some DVDs that he took when he was a tourist guy who took people out for the day on his boat and dived with sharks and stingrays and all that was just a nice pleasant day.
So after being dropped back at our dingy we start to motor out and the engine stops, Vic gets it going again stops again after about the third time I'm thinking we are gonna have to swim but it starts again and gets us back to the boat thank god.
Just another problem, we are getting so used to this...hahaha
Well tomorrow is another day.

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