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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 10th Jul 2012
Tuesday 10 July 2012

Tuesday 10 July 2012

Today was an over hot one, man this heat can be a killer, you just sweat all the time.
We had a fantastic snorkel this morning.
We have noticed a lot of people swimming in one area so we decided to swim over there and check it out.
It was a lot further than we though or we are just not that young anymore..haha
But it sure was worth it fantastic fish and there was also a wreak, this may have been put here just for the tourist but it was good to swim over.
There where these little yellow striped fish I think they may have been Angel fish, swimming all around us and not scared one bit, and little blue fish that were so bright.
Also there was a huge school of fish at least 100 so closely packed together u would think it was just one huge fish.
It's so funny every time I see these types of fish all I can think of is finding
I managed to cook dinner in the oven this time without burning it...haha and even a dessert which was so rich we could only a little bit.
Our eating habits have changed so much we hardly eat anything sweet and only one or two cups of coffee a day and very small amounts of food. It could just be the heat I guess, who knows but it has to be doing us some good.
Oh but we do have a couple of nice cocktails every night, can't be too healthy....Hahahaha
Well tomorrow is another day.

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