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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 12th Jul 2012
Thursday 12 july 2013

Thursday 12 July 2012
 Well what a day,  had an early swim, we tried a different spot this time was so nice over coral reefs fantastic fish but the coral is not like ours back home it's quite dull.
We had to go into town today to renew our visas and do some shopping, so in the dingy we get dodging around all the boats and the hype of activity going on as two more cruise ships are in today.
So get halfway and the outboard motor stops, starts stops, this goes on a bit, lot of muttering going on, me thinking swim time, but all will be ok, right...again NO.
God damn it can anything go right with this damn boat.
So out come the paddles, I think swimming would of been so much easier, man it is hard work when u are trying to dodge boats, rocks, sea walls, and a tide that is going out and ur going in.
Well we made it puffing and panting sweating like crazy and oh so hot.
So Vic pulls the thing apart nothing we think it may have been water in the fuel as the dingy has a hole in it and leaks bad, anyway a Jamaican guy stops to help and him and Vic get more fuel, won't work, new spark plugs wont work , by this time I can't stand the heat anymore and go shopping and leave them to it for awhile, so after about five hours and an almost rebuilt motor it's working,  yah
So what u do when u have had a hard day? Go to Margaritaville and drink...hahaha
Well tomorrow is another day.

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