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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 13th Jul 2012
Friday 13 July 2012

Friday 13 July 2012
 Well today is my sister Dianne's birthday happy birthday sis, even though it's a day late back there is Aus, not sure how it was being Friday 13th but I'm sure you had a good one.
Today also was special cause I got to talk to a very dear friend, for awhile at least until the Internet decided we had talked enough rubbish and cut as off...hahah was great catching up Lyn. xx

The hunt for ants is still on...will it ever end?
The little bastards are everywhere I have found out they are pharaoh Ants, that would be right I have a South African boyfriend, on a South African owed boat, and now am overrun by South African Ants, got no hope of winning.
And I might add we have to fly the South African flag too until we can register it as Australian.
All these foreigners around me...hahaha
So getting back to these illegal ants on our boat, and u think boat people are bad, try having a boat full of boat ants and man they hide everywhere, wish they would just jump ship right here on this island, they could have a wonderful life living here, as long as they don't eat the local fish...hahaha
So after days weeks even, checking out google I have every bait, spray, traps known to mankind and they are still running around oh so happy with little smiles on there face's. I found some liquid ant kill at a local hardware store that everyone on google swear by ..... they lie, these ants have built little dams around it, serious am not sure if they are saving it for a rainy day, or they just know it's poison so they know to avoid it. So I google again this is a sweet bait some ants like savory food....far out I may have gourmet ants.
So out come the peanut butter they say mix that with the poison,..... Now I have little dams built around that as well. :-/
Well today I have had it, have decided to bring out the big Guns, I now have borax this stuff is suppose to kill any bug in sight, you mix it with water and powered sugar and bake it in the oven, like little biscuits, OMG ....I'm cooking for them now.... It better work.
Ok rant over for now...hahaha

After terrorizing the ants all morning we had to get to the immigration office so we could extend our stay, off we go in the dingy that runs great now, land on shore and begin the big walk to find the office, so off we go in unbearable heat miles down the road and can't find it, so The Caption finally asks directions, yeap we are going in the wrong direction, so turn around walk a hundred miles back, not really just felt like it asking more directions we finally find the office, walk in and there are a heap of people sitting standing waiting....this is great. :-/
Just think centerlink back home....but finally get called up to the counter and we have to pay to extend but they won't take a credit card only cash, so Vic goes off to find a ATM machine, he is gone so long I thought he just gave up and went back to the boat, but my hero comes back armed with money we wait awhile then pay our money but they are not at all sure then about us living on a boat and leaving on a boat so after several phone calls later all is good, we now have our little bit of paper to say we can stay another month if we have too, sure hope we don't as the longer we stay the more chance of getting hit by bad weather.
Talking about that we thought we were going to cop it tonight, a huge mass of clouds built up and we battened down the hatches and tied down everything on deck that could be tied down, and then nothing, just a bit of lighting, thunder and light wind, pathetic and they say they have bad storms.
Oh I forgot we have managed two full sleeps in the cabin now, we must be getting used to the boat.
Well tomorrow is another day.

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