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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 15th Jul 2012
Sunday 15 July 2012.

Sunday 15 July 2012

Well it's Sunday the day the island's there rest day so nothing opens till around 1 pm but only a few small places.
It's funny it gets so quiet and everyone is relaxed and happy, this is how it should always be like.
I have been onto the captain for the last month or so to cut his hair, he looked like nobody owns him, it has actually gone from grey to a blond red not quite strawberry blond....I guess that's why he wanted to have a lot more of it...hahaha
So today he gives in and lets me cut it.
Now where to do it, I have cut his hair many times and it gets everywhere, he wanted to just do it on the boat and we will just wash it off.
Are u kidding me we will be walking, eating, sleeping in hair for the next 6 months....not gonna happen.
So the dingy it is....we were going to go for a swim anyway, so I figured that we can jump overboard once we finish and wash all the hair off.
So we tie up the dingy, Vic bails it out first, the leak is getting really bad now and most the time it's almost half full of water.
We load it up with our goggles, flippers, snorkels, and with swimmers on and scissors I get to work, all the while trying to stand there and balance and cut ...not easy.
The captain bitching not to cut it too short and it would be so much easier cutting it on the boat, alright for him he is the  one sitting was tempted to just rock the dingy a bit too much and watch him go overboard...haha
So cutting away not toooo short, and all of a sudden we have fish swimming and jumping all around us...haha was the most funniest thing they were eating his hair...gonna be a lot of fish around with hair
And I know u are waiting for it but no we did not fall in the water, we went in on purpose to wash all the hair off...hahaha that's my story and I'm sticking to it. No really we even got on all are snorkel gear and all.
Oh and his hair IS short not quite a skinhead but looks good.

I have to say I have very happy well feed ants now,
They have little biscuits with condensed milk and sugar, they have, condensed milk, jam, and a mix of peanut butter and honey, all in little cups all over the boat, have been cooking and preparing these all day, they just better eat it...hahaha
U should see how happy they are at the moment all smiling away, they keep climbing all over me to thank me. :-/

By this time I am so hot and sticky, and have that much poison over me, I so need a shower to cool down and I'm tired, if the captain thinks i'm gonna cook dinner for him as well he has another thing coming I've had it.
So me bitching like crazy to myself off I go and have a nice cold shower, oh that's another thing that needs fixing we have no hot water, the heater thingy does not work, just another one of the hundred plus things that need fixing.
I come out make us one very strong cocktail, and we sit up on deck and life is good again.
And Ok I did give in and made some dinner just a little salad, so no he did not have to eat the ants gourmet

Well tomorrow is another day.

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