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Sailng on Windwanderer.
No Photos 16th Jul 2012
Monday 16 July 2012

Monday 16 July 2012
Well today was quiet nothing much happened,
We went to shore and did some shopping walked a mile or two to the pharmacy, then back to the boat, I know I complain all the time about the heat but each day seems worse than the next, it just wipes u out, we were going to do so much today and by the time we got back we were both ready for a nana nap, and it was only around midday...hahaha
We decided to buy some rum cakes, these are cakes that are traditional around here and are all over the place, so we buy two they are not much bigger than a cup cake, one was a piña colada flavor and the other a chocolate flavor, were they any good?
Not really very ordinary, nothing to write home about...hahaha pun intended.
So only after a quarter of each they are back in the fridge, man have our eating habits changed or what.
We have taken to these skinless frankfurts they have a kinda chicken, beef flavor and are easy to prepare,so we made flat bread pizza's with them for dinner, yeah I know, but I love pepperoni pizza so I put a lot of chilli..... Just love my chilli, and spices and it almost tasted the same.
So our main things that need to be done today did not happen so tomorrow it is, we will be moving on real soon, the captains friend will be here on Thursday and if we get a good weather window we will set sail back to America.
The first 4 days could be really rough as we have to go around the top of Cuba and the ocean is not so friendly there, but after that it should not be too bad as we come back into American waters, but it will take 4-5 weeks so it will be our first huge crossing.

We Need to sort out all the safety gear and fix it up, this worries me so much, we actually had no idea where the life jackets even were and after listening to the VHF radio yesterday of a power boat that had eight people on board including two infants that was going down, was so scary we listened to the whole thing as it was happening, at first they said they were taking In a lot of water and needed help real bad, and they wanted a boat to come out to them with a pump, all drama broke out and the next they were saying we are sinking we are sinking, my god Vic and I just sat and listened to the whole ordeal with goosebumps, but lucky a boat got there and got everyone off before it went right under.
Things can just go so wrong so quick out here on the water.
All this happened on the other side of the island were we ran aground, it seems that side is cursed glad to be back here.
So safety first tomorrow.

And to my little friends, they have turned nasty and are biting us all over, I think they just may have seen me put the poison in their food even though i was real sneaky about it.
Well they can have there friendship and stick it, I don't care go find another boat who needs that many friends anyway...I'm cleaning out my Facebook friends and deleting them all....hahaha

Well tomorrow is another day.

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